Some Interesting Part-time Job Options for Foreign Students in Malaysia

Part-time Job Options

It is often the case that foreign students find it extremely difficult to take up part-time jobs while pursuing their studies, possibly due to lack of guidance. There is a huge popularity of part-time jobs in Malaysia among foreign expats. Interestingly, students who work alongside their studies are known to have better time-management skills than their peers. They have a sense of responsibility and take their lives very seriously.  They use their hard-earned money as an offset against the rising costs of living while studying abroad. Moreover, gaining employment experience side by side will be useful after course completion.

Part-time Job Options in Malaysia

Being a student, there are other aspects that also needs to be taken care of, such as academic responsibilities, time management, and the level of class participation. That’s why; it is always advised to take part-time jobs if you have ample time at your disposal. These jobs are worth opting for but not at the expense of valuable education. In this post, we have rounded up some options below that will make your job search not only fruitful but also pay you good money for the job done.

1. Private Tutor

This concept has become increasingly popular in Asian countries in the last few decades. With the growing competition, parents find it difficult to rely just on schools for their children’s education. They believe that personal home tuition classes are a good way to help their kids learn important subjects by heart. On average, a home tutor earns up to RM 40 on an hourly basis. The best part about such part-time jobs in Malaysia is that you will get ample time for your personal development and other commitments as well.

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 2. Event Staff

This job option comes in handy when students are looking for short-term jobs with considerable rewards. These jobs do not require high-level skillsets or extensive experience for that matter. Usually, there are several types of events that require event staff- concerts and product launch to name a few. Event staff takes care on many fronts such as supervising, ushering in VIPs, overseeing logistics, and providing security among others. You can easily earn hourly wages up to RM 20 with the utmost ease.

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3. Food Service Worker  

Taking a short job stint in the hospitality industry is also a good option to earn some quick bucks. Serving food as a waiter/waitress is a fulfilling experience in itself when it comes to satiating hunger of the craving souls. Some day-to-day tasks include serving foods and beverages and taking bookings among other tasks.  Keep in mind that some restaurants are very particular about providing customer service experience, so the nature of work can be extensive at times. Here, you can easily score up to RM6 each hour.

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4. Freelancer

If creativity defines you, you can fare well in creative professions like writing, graphic designing, and advertising, etc. There are a plethora of clients who search for creative people and want to outsource their work. Some of the popular gig work options are marketing, tech support, content writing, copywriting, etc. Initially, you may not get a good price for the services offered, but if your work speaks for itself then you can earn a handsome amount in the long run.

If you are good in graphic design or creative writing, the chances of people looking for you to outsource their creative task is high. Some of the highest paying freelancing professions are tech support, marketing, content writing, and customer support. If you are new in the market, you may charge a low price in the beginning in order to attract job and increase your rate along the way based on your quality, reputation, and capability of meeting deadlines. Here you can make somewhere between RM25 – 50 per hour on an hourly basis.

That’s about it. However, we have mentioned only a few options in brief when there are various other modes that can help you thrive in the gig economy. There are various other options to work such as working as a direct sales representative, photographer, barista, and retail store assistants, etc. Despite the varying nature of these professions, students can make the most out of their experiences in Malaysia.

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