Top 10 Sites for Professionals to Boost Your Career in 2020

Whether you’re a professional with an established career or a job seeker looking for work then you already know that they’re an endless number of resources online for you to choose from instead of showing you the mainstream websites.

So, I will share with you ten lesser-known websites offering the tools and resources that can help you in your professional life and we’re starting right away.

1. 50 ways to get a job


50 ways to get a job is based on the book of the same name. It is an interactive website where you can select the block that best describes your situation.

If you’re just beginning your job search ‘select starting’. It’s best to complete these exercises in order.

Inside of each exercise, you’ll get useful advice along with tasks that will help you to find your path and purpose.

On the homepage, the most beneficial advice that might surprise some people is applying for jobs module i.e. job board. The job board can help you find the job from sites like careerbuilder, indeed, monster and many.

Most people think that using a job board is a great way to find work. It’s about 3% of all jobs are found by using a job board.  

2. PayScale


Pay Scale is a valuable resource for finding your worth when negotiating a salary or asking for a raise.

To begin, select get your pay report here you have the choice to select salary information for your current job a job offer you’re evaluating or just exploring for a job.

In this example I’ll select current job for this page and those that follow just fill in your information when you’re done it will display a report showing your current pay your difference from median your market worth over time and other information that will help to determine how much you should be getting paid.

3. Invoice generator


Invoice generator is an awesome web tool for creating simple client invoices. It’s 100% free with no limits which I Highly recommend for those of you that are independent contractors, freelancers or running a small business where you need an easy way to create the occasional invoice.

After you’ve filled in the information, the invoice can be sent and paid online or downloaded to your computer as a PDF.

4. Blind


Blind is a cool social network used by employees at many of the top companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, Uber and many others

In this site you’re completely anonymous, so you can ask questions you’d never ask in real life, complain about your job and get advice from professionals in your field.

5. { key: values } Culture Queries


The key values provides a useful resource that might help you out when being interviewed for a job. During that moment of the interview when you’re asked if you have any questions the site will generate a list of questions you can ask while being interviewed.

In the first step, select what is important to you when deciding to work for a company. When you’re done making your selections scroll down and click on see results. Now you’ll see a list of questions that might be relevant for you to ask in your job.

6. GetRaised


GetRaised is just like PayScale.

Getraised is another site to check out if you’re being underpaid. To know, if it’s the right time to ask for a raise click on get started.

First enter your job title and few basic information. It will auto-populate in the raise request form and when you have completed entering your information on each page, it will let you know if you’re being underpaid or not. Whether you should ask for a raise at this time or not .

7. Power searching with Google


Power searching with Google offers self-paced courses that will teach you tips and tricks to help you succeed at work. Even if you use DuckDuckGo, Bing, or any other search engine some of these tips might be beneficial for you.

8. Meetup


Meetup is a great site for expanding your network and connecting with other people that share your same interests.

While many of the events are free and some of the meetups do cost money. Many years ago meetup was completely free. If you want to become an organizer of events, the starving costs is $30 per month.

9. Quartz at Work


Quartz at Work is full of interesting articles that will teach you how to navigate your career, improve your management skills and help you deal with other workplace issues. They also feature comprehensive work guides with advice from experts.

10. We Work Remotely


I have a general rule of not recommending job boards but we work remotely is an exception.

It’s a great site to find jobs that let you work from home. They offer several categories including customer support, programming, sales, marketing and many others.


If you know of a website that might be helpful for others professionals in their career. Let us know about it in the comments.

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