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Kissanime Alternative

Anime has turned into one of the very biggest sensations of the worldwide media industry. Over the years Anime has grown from being one of the biggest and most popular types of media to be found in Japan to being one of the biggest foundations of the entire worldwide media industry. Anime went on to become famous in just about every single part of the world. Since the 1980s, Anime has remained one of the most popular types of animated shows in the world.

Certain famous Anime series, shows and singles, such as the world famous series Naruto, which has turned out to be one of the most popular and grossing shows in the entire history of media around the entire world, have elevated the Anime industry to new and unseen heights.

They have tempted people previously strangers to Anime to start watching Anime on various types of subscription-based streaming sites. Some of the most famous entries in the field of subscription-based streaming sites are Kissanime, FUNimation, Crunchyroll, along with other famous entries in the field of Anime Streaming such as AnimeHeaven.

What is Kissanime?

Speaking of subscription based streaming sites, anime sites like Kissanime have turned out to be one of the very best streaming sites in the entire world. Thousands of people from around the entire word subscribe to these sites.

One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that Kissanime has a quite large library of Anime shows, series and singles. Kissanime has become famous for this fact, as it has one of the largest catalogues of Anime in the entire world. It also has one of the simplest streaming processes that one will find anywhere, as Kissanime is reputed to be the very optimal site for both beginners and experienced veterans of watching Anime.

The utility of the site is very helpful to beginners to understand how stuff works. However, for various reasons, many people may prefer using an alternative to Kissanime. While not being widespread, quite a lot of people around the entire world find many kinds of problems with Kissanime. One of the most important and outstanding ones being the fact that the ads on the main website are not always as moderated as they should be, and more often than not show content that is not suitable for children.

This presents quite a big problem, as thousands of children across the world watch Anime. Quite a lot of them arrive at Kissanime as the optimal place to watch Anime, or hear of the site through friends and acquaintances. Thus, many people may find problems and bugs with Kissanime. Read on to find out about some of the best Kissanime alternatives.

1. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak has turned out to be one of the largest Anime communities out there on the net, as this site receives much more than 5 million visitors per month. This fact that has made it one of the most crowded Anime streaming services out there.

It is a site that has proven itself to be one of the very blossoming foundations of the online Anime industry. AnimeFreak is considered to be one of the very best streaming services out there, as this site, along with being completely free, is very easy to use and navigate. It has proven itself to be one of the best sites like Kissanime.

2. 9Anime

9Anime, while being a pretty famous anime streaming site, is even more famous for the diversity they offer to the watchers and clients. The reason for this is that unlike many sites, 9Anime offers Anime shows and series to watchers from a variety of servers and providers. This means that one can choose which server they will watch from.

This not only helps many people choose a player that suits their comfort, but also helps people in buffering speed, since all third party providers give the same speed all over the world. This is mainly a subscription based site, and requires one to subscribe before one can start watching.

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An additional fact about this site is that it is completely free of advertisements or other invasive items. Thus subscribers can watch their Anime in peace, without being disturbed by ads.

3. AnimeSeason

AnimeSeason is considered to be one of the finest Anime sites out there, as this site rose to the very top of the popularity charts among Anime streaming sites.

One of the main reasons for this is that the site has no advertisements on the main site whatsoever. This means that watchers would not have to deal with annoying and disturbing ads that pop up while watching. More than a million users prefer this site, and use it quite regularly, meaning it has one of the most dedicated and loyal fanbases in the entire world. This makes it one of the most used sites of yesteryear.

4. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is by far one of the most unique Anime streaming sites out there, as this site is one of the only ones that only provides its services to a set area. In the case of AnimeLab the area is New Zealand and Australia. In the countries of New Zealand and Australia, there is no anime streaming service that is more well known or better liked.

It has been proven to be the very best Anime streaming service that one can avail in those countries. An additional fact is that they have a very clean site that is simple for newbies to explore and jump straight into viewing. This can be used as an one of the best alternatives to Kissanime.

5. TheAnimeNetwork

TheAnimeNetwork was considered to be one of the very best Anime streaming services out there, as they had one of the best designed sites out there. However, quite recently, TheAnimeNetwork stopped supporting Anime streaming, and now only provides their cable services.

However, they are still one of the biggest cable anime channels, as they have one of the most diverse catalogues out there. In addition, their channel is available from more than most of the cable providers in the Western Countries.

6. Chia Anime

Chia Anime has turned out to be one of the very best free Anime streaming sites out there. And it has grown to be just as popular among fans of Kissanime. Although the site sometimes features ads, none of these are invasive or are positioned in places that disturb viewing. While this may mean the slightest of discomfort, it ensures that the site keeps functioning.

This means that it is one of the most reliable destinations if one wants to pick an Anime streaming service for long time use. It also allows people to download Anime episodes. This is undoubtedly one of the best Kissanime alternative.

7. Anime Planet

One of the most distinguishing things about this site is that it deals with not only Anime, but quite a lot of manga series as well. This makes it one of the few communities that have wide and varied interests in both Anime and Manga.

AnimePlanet is another one of the sites that function as one of the largest online Anime communities out there. More than millions of users use this site to recommend anime and manga, check the recommendations of others, and of course, watch these shows online in the highest HD quality.


This is by far one of the best sites for Anime streaming services, as it offers one of the most simple and convenient players out there. In fact, the total utility of this player has been praised by thousands of watchers across the world, as Masterani has managed to create the ultimate convenient player.

The site is also quite fast, and does not require much buffering. Along with the utility of the site, they also allow people to download Anime episodes for free. A site that remains by and large unbothered by ads and the like. This website is recommended to anyone who is a fan of anime. This is one of the anime websites like Kissanime.

9. Ex Anime

While not being world famous, this site grew to quite a lot of fame in the last three years. It became a quite popular site all in parts of the world where Anime is popular, mainly Japan, the birthplace of anime. Ex Anime became one of the best sites to visit and download different Anime episodes.

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It is said to be a pretty fast streaming service that does not require much buffering, along with having a varied catalogue. One will definitely arrive here when looking for other websites like Kissanime.

10. Crunchyroll

This is by far one of the most famous Anime streaming services in the entire world, and has risen to fame because it has one of the best catalogues of Anime to be offered online. Including more than 50,000 different series, shows and singles that one can browse through and watch, Crunchyroll is one of the most well known streaming sites in the world.

The Crunchyroll site is also completely free of any and all ads, as Crunchyroll is a subscription based service that does not need the revenue from ads and other invasive items. This makes Crunchyroll one of the very best sites for viewing Anime.

Crunchyroll also has one of the cheapest subscriptions out there, as the subscription is no more than $5.99 dollars. This is quite cheap as Anime streaming subscription based sites go.

11. FUNimation

This is another one of the most famous subscription based Anime streaming sites out there, and is just as famous as Crunchyroll, if not more. The two services compete to be the very largest online distributor of anime. Being a little bit costlier than the standard Crunchyroll subscription, FUNimation also offers a quite thorough range of benefits.

One of the largest benefits being that one can save videos for offline playback, and download anime episodes after they subscribe to the service. This site specialises in the distribution of dubbed content, which means English translations of the default Japanese audio of anime.

12. Anilinkz

Being one of the most famous free anime streaming sites of the year, Anilinkz has proven itself to be a capable distributor of Anime that has some of the best series among all of the sites. Anilinkz has one of the very best, widest and varied Anime catalogues in the world.

This catalogue is regularly updated with the latest episodes of the anime series. Anilinkz does have some ads, but not enough to be called invasive, as all of them are positioned out of the main spots.

Anilinkz is quite favoured by users worldwide, and also allows users to view anime from quite a lot of third party content providers. This allows them to choose the media player they prefer and find simple to use.

13. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime recently became one of the most trending anime sites out there, as this site continued to grow from an already large and solid foundation by adding more and more series. This resulted in it ultimately becoming a quite famous Anime streaming service.

This is an anime streaming service that is now spread throughout the world. Quite a lot of proxy sites have popped up since some authorities block this website. However, almost all of these have been opened by the site itself, so its viewers can continue to watch Anime episodes in peace.

GoGoAnime also has a pretty large catalogue of Anime, along with an interesting selection of Anime movies and singles.

14. AnimeNova

AnimeNova has become another one of the trending Anime streaming sites out there. This site has become famous in a lot of Western countries for being one of the cleanest and simplest Anime streaming services. The reason for this is that the site has no ads whatever. This thing has separated AnimeNova from most of the other free Anime streaming sites. This makes the site one of the few Anime streaming sites that do not use ads whatsoever.

This also makes the site one of the most useful out there, as ads are sometimes prove to be quite disturbing while watching anime. The site has a pretty simple media player, making it ideal for beginners in the field of Anime streaming. AnimeNova can be called one of the good alternatives to Kissanime, as it is a reliable site.

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15. Animepark

This is one of the sites that is more directed towards being viewed by children, and is in fact perfectly optimised for being viewed by children of all ages. The reason for this is that this site does not go towards the more darker side of Anime, but rather stays towards the brighter and livelier side. The site mainly sticks to children’s classics like Doraemon, Pokemon, and others.

A site that is positively one of the most fun Anime streaming websites, AnimePark is preferred by children the world over. It has also been made pretty simple to use, for the convenience of children (a fact that has helped a lot of adults navigate the site too.

16. Daisuki

Daisuki was positively one of the world’s most famous websites for Anime streaming. It was also one of the most successful Anime websites to have been launched from Japan.

In its beginning, it consisted of mainly six Anime studios, who were later joined by a lot of other studios. It attracted the interest of Bandai Namco, a corporation which has a lot of interest in many markets. Daisuki streamed one of the largest selections of anime, and was the preferred streaming site of millions around the world.

It was, however, sadly closed down near the ending of 2017, but continued to show Dragon Ball Z episodes for a long time. Daisuki would have been one of the perfect replacements for Kissanime, if it were still functioning.

17. Animefrenzy

Anime Frenzy is one of the most trending anime sites right now, and has grown to be a quite popular site overall. A site that makes sure to have some of the very best content. AnimeFrenzy makes sure that they also have the latest episodes and content for these series. Unlike most of the other anime streaming websites, AnimeFrenzy also makes sure that they have the films for these series.

They are one of the most dedicated sites to have come to the attention of the world in recent times. Their media player, while having the slightest amount of ads, is pretty simple and thorough to use. An additional fact is that the buffering times for HD is pretty low, making AnimeFrenzy a pretty good site for streaming Anime.

18. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is one of the best sites to be popular right now, as this free viewing site is by far one of the very best out there. The reasons for this are not even a single one, but a multitude. AnimeHeaven is considered to be one of the very best designed Anime viewing websites there are.

It is famous for having almost no stutter or buffer time whatsoever. And it is able to provide instantaneous HD video-viewing service, as it is famous for being one of the fastest websites there are.

AnimeHeaven makes sure to have the best anime content there is, and uploads the episodes both regularly and quickly. Animeheaven is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Kissanime.

19. OtakuStream

OtakuStream is one of the websites that have gone on to specialise in providing different types of dubs to the watcher. OtakuStream has become famous for being called the ‘free version of FUNimation’. The reason for this is that this website has provided reliable English dubs for quite a lot of anime over the years.

It has also proven itself to be one of the best sites for watching English dubbed content. It has become famous in western nations such as the USA and UK, where many people are not comfortable with using the default Japanese audio. Thus quite a lot of these people look for English dubbed content.


Even though Kissanime is one of the very best places where one can watch anime, many people will undoubtedly be looking for different websites and portals where they can watch anime.

Sometimes people have difficulty operating Kissanime, or have the website blocked by the authority of the Government of their country. For those times, this list will undoubtedly be useful, as it contains the names of the websites that are best suited to being used as replacements for Kissanime.

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