Top 20 Best Sites like Fingerhut to Buy Now Pay Later [Fingerhut Alternatives]

Sites like Fingerhut

All of you love shopping, and there is no doubt about it. It fulfills our needs and luxury as well. But many-a-times we ran short of credit limit or cash to spend immediately. It is quite frustrating. But to your luck, there are several companies which offer credit and pay later option for your purchase. You do not have to pay anything to your online order and pay the amount later that also in easy EMIs. Here is a list of top 20 best websites like Fingerhut through which you can avail pay later option.

All about Fingerhut

The first stone of Fingerhut placed in the year 1948, and as of now, it is the best and popular e-commerce platform which provides its customers buy now and pay later option by approving instant credits for their shopping.

Fingerhut houses a range of product categories like electronic and office accessories, health and beauty products, furniture, baby and kid’s products and many more.

Unlike other websites with Fingerhut, you can avail instant credit approval. It does not incur any membership fee, annual fee or over-limit fee at all. The loyal customers can get an increment of credit limit as well time to time. You can explore Fingerhut by visiting its site as well.

Sites Like Fingerhut [Alternatives]

1. Zebit

Zebit is one of the best online shopping websites which provides an option to buy without paying instantly. It comes with buy now pay later feature. It was established in the year 1948 and houses products like clothing, home décor, electronics and many more. The main attraction of Zebit is credit eligibility which is up to $2500 that also without any interest.

So the buyers can easily buy their needs and pay the amount later.

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2. Ashro

ASHRO is another website that provides the buyers to buy their requirements on credit. It doesn’t attract any annual fees for the credit membership. ASHRO deals with items like clothing, accessories, wigs, and shoes.

You can go for the credit option at the time of order and it can accept your request within a time frame of 24 hours. With continuous membership with ASHRO, you can get an increment in your credit value.

You can avail the credit plan with a purchase of $200 and the maximum plan requires a purchase of $1800 along with a monthly payment of $60. For late payment, you have to pay a penalty up to $15.

3. Gettington

Gettington is another website like Fingerhut which houses products like clothing, beauty products, furniture, fitness, and sports items, electronics, toys, jewelry and many more. It also offers the buyers a hassle-free option to buy the stuff with ease.

With Gettington you don’t have to pay any annual credit membership fees to avail its pay later service. You have to apply for this service by filling the application form available on the official website. You have to pay an interest of $0.50 for the products you buy and the late payment fee is up to $38.

You can also manage your online account with Gettington. The minimum payment is around $20 or 5.5 percent of the account balance. The credit or pay later option is dependent on your creditworthiness.

4. Ginnys

Ginnys is another popular website based in the United States of America and just like FingerHut. This website had started in the year 1992 and houses products like home décor, clothing, shoes, electronic appliances, and mobile phones.

It sells kitchen and dining ware, bed and bath accessories and health and beauty products as well. You can avail its credit membership free of cost. You can enter into the credit scheme with a shopping of minimum $100 and the maximum limit is $1200. For $100 you have to pay a monthly payment of $10 and for $1200 you have to pay $40 as a monthly payment.

You can manage your credit account online through the site and the approval of your pay later option depends on your creditworthiness. After successful approval, you have to pay the loan amount on time. If it fails then you have to pay a late fee of $15.

5. Home Shopping Network

Home Shopping Network also known as HSN is an American company which sells automobile parts, electronics, and home décor. Established in the year 2010, Home Shopping Network has a partnership with QVC. So it sells products along with the self-financing plan.

You can save huge money with its exciting deals and you will find new products in the catalog every time. The financing program of Home Shopping Network is known as FlexPay. You can divide the payment amount equally. For bad credit scores also Home Shopping Network is one of the best options.

6. FlexShopper

FlexShopper is a website like Fingerhut and sells a wide range of products such as personal computer, electronic appliances, and furniture online. It is also a popular buy now and pay later type website and trustworthy as well across the world. You will find a huge collection of products following the latest trends.

The pay later scheme of FlexShopper is FLexShopper Wallet and it features FlexDollars. Here with FlexDollars, you can avail a credit limit of $2500 instantly. You can also buy your required stuff from any of the retail stores using this financing scheme.

For using the FlexShopper wallet you have to fill the online application and wait for the approval from the other end. You can expect the order delivery and credit approval within a few days.

The website of FLexShopper is user-friendly and you can navigate through the site quite easily. You can also take the assistance of its customer care for any sort of difficulties. They are customer-centric and helpful to solve your issues.

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7. Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue sells items like men and women clothing, electronics, furniture, garden tools, gift and toys, and cookware. You can avail the pay later option here by filling out the application form while ordering.

You do not have to pay a one-time fee for credit subscription or membership. The approval process is also quite fast and you can receive your credit limit within 24 hours. The lowest plan of Seventh Avenue starts with an order amount of $200 and the higher plan requires an order value of $2400. For the minimum plan you have to pay $20 as monthly payment and for the higher plan, the payment is $80 per month.

For late payment fees you have to pay up to $15, and it comes with variable APR. With a decent and continuous use, there is a chance of increment of your credit limit.

8. Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel is basically a Canadian online store and website which houses products like fashion, beauty products, kitchen items, home décor, shoes, and jewelry. It is one of the most popular substitutes for Fingerhut. It possesses buy now pay later option for its customers based in Canada. So the operation and service of Shopping Channel are exclusively for customers of Canada.

Shopping Channel has its own television channel as well in Canada which promotes its products and allows customers to buy their needs by calling as well. With Shopping channel you can buy online and pay the price later in easy EMI terms.

The Easy Pay option of Shopping channel is quite excellent and effective. You can divide your final bill over monthly payments as per your suitability. In the first payment, you have to pay the shipping amount and other taxes along with your order value.

9. Midnight Velvet

Midnight Velvet is another US-based website like Fingerhut. The major product line of this site comprises of home appliances, furniture, jewelry, and fashion products. There is also a wide range of products like clothing, shoes, and gift items.

You can take advantage of pay later option without paying any annual fees. During the process of paying payment, you have to choose Midnight Velvet as a prime payment option. The minimum interest rate which you have to pay on the later stage is $0.00 to $1. And in case of timely payment, the late fee charge will be $15.

You can increase the credit line with proper use and manage your account with Midnight Velvet online as well. For maintaining a balance in your account up to $200 you have to pay a monthly payment of $20 and if you want a wallet balance of $3300 then you have to pay $110 as a monthly payment. Maintain your credit score as per the requirement and you can avail the credit approval easily.

10. Monroe and Main

Monroe and Main is a women-centric website and assist buyers with buy now and pay later option. It houses women clothing, shoes, coats, jewelry, and many more fashion products.

It furnishes your order and credit option within 24 hours of time, so shopping is too fast and easy with Monore and Main. It does not have any sort of annual membership plan and the credit option available to you with a good consumer report.

It has variable APR and the minimum plan starts after ordering an amount of $200 whereas the maximum order value is $1800. The minimum plan requires a monthly payment of $20 and the maximum plan needs a monthly payment of $60.

The late fees for paying after the due date is up to $15 and for return payments, you have to pay an amount of $25. You can apply for the pay later option while making an order.

11. AfterPay

You would have guessed the theme of the site with its name. This is another American website like Fingerhut which comes up with pay later option. It is mainly related to a clothing website which includes men clothing, women clothing, shoes, and undergarments.

But AfterPay is actually not an online store, it is a financing solution to many online shopping platforms. While shopping online you have to check AfterPay as a paying option on their payment page.

Sites like Hello Molly, Urban Outfitters, and Revolve houses AfterPay as a payment option on their site. You just have to buy your stuff without paying anything through AfterPay. You can also divide your payment terms into 4 equal parts over two week’s periods.

12. Country Door

The Country Door is an American Website which is mainly a furniture shopping site but with the increasing demand, it also sells kitchenware, home décor, bed and bath items, and dining stuff. For using this website and its pay later program without any annual fees for credit membership.

You can apply for the pay later plan at the time of order, and the confirmation on the same will be within 24 hours. It will examine your consumer report and make the approval for your credit.

It attracts a late payment fee of $15 and a return payment of $25. With continuous use, the site will enhance your credit limit. The lower plan for this pay later scheme starts when you purchase products of at least $200 and the maximum purchase limit is $1800.

13. Stoneberry

One of the best alternative to FingerHut. Stoneberry houses excellent product range that includes electronics, jewelry, and home products. It is also one of the best buy now pay later site.

The application for credit buy is quite simple. With this site, you can avail the instant credit within a matter of time and buy your much-needed stuff quite easily.

14. Overstock

This is another amazing site which sells furniture, clothing, electronics, and home décor to furnish all your needs. For shopping, furniture Overstock is one of the best websites. It also houses products like kitchenware and bedding products.

The most interesting thing about Overstock is its free shipping option on the orders above $45. On the other hand, it provides a low price on their almost all products. It collects all the overstock items and resells them at a cheaper price.

With Overstock, you have two types of benefits. The first one is, you can save a lot of money whereas you can also buy them and pay the billed amount later. You can finance the items in your shopping cart and pay per month.

The financing scheme of Overstock is known as BillMeLater, here you can buy the products without any hassle and for the first six months, you do not have to pay any money and no interest as well.

15. Lend you

Lend you is a different kind of website that provides an option to the customers to buy any product without paying any money. It is mainly a lending website which helps you to lend loan for your online shopping.

The site does not have its own products, but you can buy anything by taking credit from this site. So whenever you are running out of money, then take a loan and do whatever you like to do and use the money. It is not like Fingerhut but assists you to buy your stuff in credit.

For availing the credit you have to be a U.S citizen and must be older than 18 years. You have to possess a valid saving account and your minimum regular income should be $1000 per month.

16. QVC

The QVC website is all about automobile parts, fashion and beauty products, fitness and sports accessories and last but not the least home décor. You can find electronic appliances as well in the site. This online shopping platform was started in the year 1986 in West Chest, Pennsylvania.

Started as a shopping channel on TV, the site gain lots of popularity due to its pay later scheme. It has its own financing program known as QVC Easy Pay. It is a buy now and pay later system and one of the best Fingerhut like sites. With the finance scheme you can buy some of the great products without thinking about the shortage of money. You can fulfill your wish without paying anything upfront

17. Sky Mall

The Sky Mall is another website like Fingerhut which sells home décor, clothing, kitchen, and electronics. The shipping of the products is done all over the world. By sitting at your home you can receive your much-needed products without paying anything with this easy credit sites like Fingerhut.

18. MDG

MDG is a platform where you can shop laptops, tablets, TVs and other digital electronic appliances in a credit scheme. You can avail the credit limit of $3000 and pay them later without any difficulties.

MDG is just like Fingerhut where you do not have to pay at the time of buying. It houses gaming consoles, furniture for your home as well. The site is available in USA and Canada and users can spend their credit limit by going online. After paying your outstanding amount the credit can be available again in your account. So you can finance your electronic appliances and digital equipment quite easily through MDG.

19. Masseys

Masseys is another credit site like Fingerhut, which is exclusively for clothing, boots and other shoes for men, women, and kids. You can avail its credit benefit without any annual fees. If you become a member and use this for your shopping then your credit limit increases in an interval of two years.

The late fee payment of Masseys is up to $15 with a minimum interest of $0.50 to $1. It does not have any over-limit fees. You have to choose credit as an option during the payment process and you do not have to go for any application process for availing the pay later scheme.

20. LeaseVille

This is an American based website and quite similar to FingerHut. It houses a wide range of products like laptops, personal computers, smartphones, smart watches, and cameras. You can buy all those equipment with its pay later option.


If you like Fingerhut and like to explore other sites like Fingerhut then go through this page. We have made a list of handful sites like Fingerhut. Go through these sites and choose the best one that suits your requirement and approves your credit.

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