How College Students Can Improve Their Academic Writing Using These Apps and Services

Improve Academic Writing using Apps

During your years as a college student, you’re expected to thrive and improve your skills in various academic areas of study. There’s a lot of projects, assignments, homework, and tasks which require a different set of skills and investing a lot of energy into finishing them. One of the things most college students have to deal with is academic writing. Regardless of your area of study, department, or major, you’re most likely going to have to write academic papers and essays.

Luckily for you, there are apps and online service you can use to improve your academic writing skills and do better in college writing assignments. Take a look at the apps and services below, and see which one could be of hand to you.

1. Grammarly

Improve Academic Writing Using Apps

Everybody needs a bit of help proofreading their writing and making it impeccable.

Grammarly is an app serving as a free writing assistant.

It is easy to use and helps you polish your written content instantly. It’s great for:

✅ eliminating grammar mistakes

✅ eliminating spelling mistakes

✅ improving sentence structure

✅ correcting punctuation

✅ proofreading

Here’s how it works:

✅ you copy the text that you wish to proofread

✅ you paste it to Grammarly

✅ you wait for a couple of seconds for the app to analyze your writing

✅ the app marks everything suspicious and potentially wrong in the text, suggesting a way for you to correct it

In addition, the app provides a list of synonyms for each word that you’ve used in the text, helping you take the text to a higher level.

Grammarly can help you ensure there are no mistakes in your academic essay or research paper so that you can submit your written assignment without worrying.

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Improve Academic Writing Using Apps

College papers and essays require a certain level of vocabulary knowledge. This means that you need to improve your vocabulary skills and find a way to shift from informal to formal in everything that you write.

You can find help with this using Thesaurus.

A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, also known as a glossary, and is the best one you can find.

It can help you:

✅ gain a better understanding of the meaning of an unknown term

✅ find the best words to convey your message

✅ explore your options for improving your overall writing

All you have to do is type a word you’re thinking about using, or you’ve come across in your references and will:

✅ provide multiple meanings of the word

✅ provide a list of synonyms and antonyms for each one

✅ provide a dictionary definition of the word

✅ provide a list of related words

✅ provide a pronunciation

This will help you polish your writing and sound more formal, professional, and academic.

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3. Airstory

Improve Academic Writing Using Apps

If you want to submit a properly written essay or research paper, you need to invest enough time into planning how to write it.

Proper planning requires proper tools, and Airstory is a great app for making your life easier and helping you organize your writing.

This app enables you to:

✅ create notes with ideas, suggestions, and reminders

✅ brainstorm and safely store all your thoughts in one place

✅ clip any information you find online and use it in your writing later

✅ save references, data points, and information

✅ drag and drop everything you’ve clipped into any online editor

It will help you stay well organized, focused, and proactive. It’s a time-saving app you should definitely try out.

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4. OneLook Thesaurus

Improve Academic Writing Using Apps

Here’s a situation we know you’ve been in.

You have an idea or a concept you want to write about in your mind, and you just can’t find the right words to do it.

OneLookThesaurus can help you come up with brilliant sentences and thoughts in just a few seconds.

Here’s how it works:

✅ you type the idea, phrase, or a word you’re thinking about

✅ the app provides a list of words closely related to your idea

✅ it divides the words according to the part of speech they belong to

You can then read through the words, and see which ideas pop to your mind.

It’s a great way to eliminate writer’s blockage and overcome the lack of inspiration you may be facing.

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5. Hemingway App

Improve Academic Writing Using Apps

Hemingway editor will help you perfect your writing, learn about your most common mistakes, and how to eliminate them.

The app will analyze, highlight, or suggest you work on:

✅ lengthy sentences

✅ overuse of passive voice

✅ weakening phrases

✅ readability

✅ simpler alternatives

Once you paste your text, the app will use different colors to signal what type of problem you’re facing for each sentence. You’ll be able to analyze the app’s suggestions and decide what type of changes you wish to make.

As a result, you’ll have a mistake-free, properly structured, quality piece of writing.

If you need even more help with college academic writing, make sure to check out these college paper writing services reviews. They’ve got a team of professionals ready to help you out.


It’s never easy to improve your skills and become better at something. Writing is a highly useful skill that any student needs to learn how to improve and make the best use out of it. That’s why it’s important that you use all the right resources to help you develop your writing skills.
Make sure you read our apps and services suggestions carefully and decide which one can help you out the most.

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