Top 10 Dead Websites which were Popular

Dead Websites

There are billions of sites out there. Some of them were immense and didn’t survive, they crash and burned to the ground. In this way, we’re going to go over the main 10 dead sites whether they were either shut down or just totally shells out of their their previous selves and are totally unused.

These sites aren’t in a specific order. There’s sort of my abstract conclusion for the best 10 dead sites that were magnificent or exceptionally prominent. however at this point are simply dead.

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Geocities which was a well known web host. It was one of the first sites where you could create your own website page and upload anything you desired on it. For example, your very own custom HTML, anything like that.

Obviously, the site looked repulsive because at the time HTML and sites were not exceptionally progressed. Yet at the same time it was cool as you could have your very own site.

It was acquired in 1999 by Yahoo and endure entirely through 2009. When it was at long last closed down totally, yet in Japan it kept going as Geocities Japan. But, it was declared that in 2019 it will be closed down totally over the globe. In this way, Geocities is no more.

Digg is presently a shell of its former version.

It experienced a notorious Digg v4 overhaul in 2010. Everyone hated it as they totally changed how the site functioned and after that everybody moved over to Reddit.

If you know what reddit is, you fundamentally upvote things or downvote things. The same idea takes a shot at the Digg.

Here if you liked an article that someone submitted, you digg it or on the off chance that you didn’t care for it you would bury it.

Digg resembled an extremely well known site however for reasons unknown, for advertising or whatever it got purchased out.


I think most people know what MySpace is all about. Most of you probably had one as well between 2006 and 2008.

It was practically the ruler of social networking websites. It was like the first website used by almost everyone before everyone eventually switched to Facebook.

Presently, they tried to redesign it and relaunch it as a New MySpace two or three years back however I didn’t took off by any means.

It is as yet accessible however amid the 2006-08, it was a kind of Facebook. Be that as it may, since the dispatch of Facebook, MySpace started to decline.

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