Top 101 Most Useful Websites in 2020

Useful Websites

With more than a billion websites to choose from only a small fraction of them are truly useful sites. So with so many great resources on the internet just about everything that you would ever want to know is available online.

So, I will show you 101 Most Useful Websites that will expand your knowledge base and make you smarter. Some of these will be well-known sites along with web sites you may have never heard of before.


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The Definitive List of Most Useful Sites

Most Useful Websites

Useful sites as tools and Software

1. Zamzar

Zamzar is a free online video, audio, image and ebook converter created by Mike and Chris Wiley in England. I’ve used this for years without any issues. It supports over 1200 different conversions without the need to download any software.

2. Virustotal

Virustotal is a free service using more than 16 security scanners to detect viruses, malware and other types of malicious content. Even if you use anti-malware or antivirus software on your computer, VirusTotal should be used as an extra layer of security to inspect suspicious files and websites.

It provides an option to scan a file and the URL and the search tab also lets you scan a URL, IP address, domain or file.

3. Eco convert

Eco convert which can take any image on your computer and convert it into an icon to be used on a website or anywhere else.

4. WeTransfer

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your email system won’t allow you to send a large file, WeTransfer may just be what you’re looking for without having to integrate a service by Google Drive or something similar.

Here’s how it works, in the free version of WeTransfer you can send up to two gigabytes at a time and use it by clicking on the plus sign to add your files and enter in the recipient’s email. You can also add a message and then when you’re done the recipient will be notified and can download the file until it expires in seven days.

If 2 gigabytes at a time are not enough for you you can upgrade to WeTransfer Plus this will allow you to send up to 20 gigabytes at a time and give you more customization and storage options. The annual plan is currently $120 USD and if you want to pay monthly it’s $12 USD but for many people, the free version will be all that they need.

5. I love PDF

I love PDF is a useful website for conversions, merging, and compressing PDFs. You have to simply select and upload or drag a word file to convert into PDF.

I love PDF have some limitations for different user types each month. They have three categories which include unregistered, registered, and premium users which is $4.99 per month.

6. Send by Mozilla

Send allows you to upload and encrypt large files up to 1 gigabyte. The service is offered by Mozilla the makers of the Firefox browser and it can be used with any browser.

Here’s how it works, you could either select a file from your computer or drag and drop a file into the screen. Once that is done, select copy to clipboard and all you have to do now is share the link. The link created by Send automatically expires after one to twenty downloads or 24 hours. It is something similar to WeTransfer.

Here’s how it works, first you’ll need to create an account with mix during the setup process you will need to select 3 or more categories that are of interest and then click on continue. This will be followed by your very own personalized page based on your interests which will adapt over time.

7. SafeNote

SafeNote is a site that’ll allow you to send messages that will self-destruct after they’re read. It’s really simple to use, write your note and the default option is to automatically destroy your note after it’s been read.

It also offers custom settings where you can change that to one hour to all the way up to thirty days. You can also create a password for your recipient and they can be notified by email after the note has been destroyed.

SafeNote is free and is an easy way to send secret messages that can only be seen and read by you and your recipient.

8. Print Friendly

We’ve all been on the website and have wanted to print out an article or tutorial but most of the time the ads and pictures make the printout a mess. This site makes the webpage more print-friendly.

How it works, select a URL that you want to print out and paste the URL on Print Friendly and now you can print the cleaner version or you can create a PDF or email it.

Useful Sites for Students

1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy was founded way back in 2006 and is perhaps one of the best educational websites.

On Khan Academy, students learn at their own pace in several categories including math, computer science, engineering, and many others. In addition to the various courses listed they even offer test prep for college entrance exams including the SAT.

2. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that answers factual queries by computing the answers from externally sourced curated data.

In other words, the founder refers to it as a fact search engine instead of pointing you to other web pages like the typical search engine, it returns answers instead.

3.     EasyBib

EasyBib is a great site for generating citations for those of you that are still in school and have to write essays.

They have various formatting options such as MLA, APA, Chicago University, Harvard University, and many others. You have the option to decide whether it is for a website, book, video, film journal or database.

4.     MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare offers undergraduate and graduate-level courses online that are openly available to anyone.

All the courses are free and finding a course is easy. You could hover your mouse to find courses by Topic, MIT Course Number, Department. But the easiest way to find what I’m looking for is to use the search bar. For example, if you wanted to learn the Python programming language just type Python into the search bar and you’ll see a full list of courses that may be of interest to you. MIT OpenCourseWare offers courses within dozens of departments for you to choose from.

5.     Alison

Alison is a free education site offering high-quality courses in several different categories some of those categories include IT, science, business, math, software engineering, and many others.

Just like many of the free online education sites, Alison offers certificate courses. The courses are still free but to receive a certificate that does cost extra.

6.     Ted-Ed

Most of you are familiar with Ted. Ted-Ed is their education initiative geared towards students and teachers through the use of original animated videos. The videos on Ted-Ed cover various subjects including mathematics, science, technology, business, economics and many others.

The videos on Ted-Ed are created by experts in their field are usually no longer than six minutes in length.

7.     Canvas Network

Canvas Network offers free online courses and classes from the world’s leading universities. You can do a search of their catalog for your area of interest or browse courses that are currently active or coming soon. I’d recommend the canvas network for those of you that are looking to learn a new skill or trade by taking one of these free courses.

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8.     Scratch

Scratch is a free visual programming language and online community for children. It was developed by the MIT Media Lab for kids ages 8 and up.

Scratch is often used to teach coding, computer science and help with computational thinking. They have a lot of tutorials to help you or your child get started. It is completely free and it’s a great learning resource for children.

9.     MathWay

Math way may be the best website for solving math problems on the internet. You can get help in several categories including basic math, algebra, calculus, and many others. It’s really simple to use, just entering your problem (mathematical equations) and at the bottom you’ll get results.

Mathway is free but will cost you extra for the step-by-step solution if you’re still in school and need help with your math problems math way just maybe the site for you.

10. Memrise

If you’re looking to learn another language Memrise is another great site with tutorials to help you out. They feature more than 300 courses including French, Japanese, Haitian, and many others.

To get started, just like a course and select start learning now and follow the on-screen prompts. Memorize is free to use with no advertising and they also have an iOS and Android app.

11. FutureLearn

FutureLearn is another online learning site. It has partnerships with many fine universities and there are several categories ranging from business, management, technology, and coding.

The courses are free for their duration of 14 days. If you upgrade you have access to the course for as long as it exists on FutureLearn.

12. Brainly

If you are a  student, Brainly is a site you must check out. There will be times when you can’t easily get the answers you need, brainly is the site you must visit.

Brainly is a social learning community for students where you can get help in almost every subject which includes math, history, physics, geography, and several others.

13. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that is aimed at professional adults. They offer a ton of courses from development, design, business and a whole lot more where you can learn at your own pace.

Useful Do It Yourself Websites

1. I fix it

If you prefer to do repairs yourself IFixIt is a website that you should have bookmarked. In addition to selling tools and parts, they also have free repair guides for many of today’s popular electronic devices. There are more than a dozen categories to choose from including PC, Camera, Mac, Phone and many others.

After you have found your repair guide, it will show you the difficulty level, how many steps are involved, the time required along with the tools we needed to complete the job. Below that you just need to complete the easy-to-follow step-by-step directions in order.

2. How stuff works

How stuff works launched way back in 1998 is still useful for gathering all types of knowledge in various categories. They provide reliable articles with easy-to-understand explanations of how the world actually works. If you have a curious mind about how stuff works is a site you should check out.

3. Instructables

I’m a huge advocate of learning by doing. Instructables is the first of three websites with do-it-yourself projects created by users that can teach you how to do about anything.

How it works is that users upload instructions to their projects. Usually, these will include pictures or videos that will walk you through the process just like YouTube. there’s a comment section below the post where you can interact with other users working on that project.


If you can’t find a project on Instructables is another great site for discovering do-it-yourself projects. Whether you’re a beginner or have an engineering degree, you’ll find a project here that will fit your skillset.

In addition to searching by category, you can filter the results by difficulty and duration. Some of the projects can be a little wacky.

5. do-it-yourself

The third web site featuring do-it-yourself projects is simply named do-it-yourself. They’re well known for being a home improvement and repair website.

In addition, they also feature other types of projects in various categories. Their large assortment of buyers guides is also worth checking out. Before purchasing a new product just like the other two sites previously mentioned there’s an amazing amount of free DIY projects for you to choose.

6. Hackaday

Hackaday features articles each day, new articles and videos about hardware, software hacks, mods, and do-it-yourself projects. The variety of projects are quite large such as touch screen coffee machines.  They give complete details about the project like the description, the files for download along with the components you’ll need before you can start the project.

7. ManualsLib

ManualsLib is one of the most useful sites which features more than 2.5 million PDF manuals representing more than 48,000 brands.

You can easily get the manuals using the model number of the TV, refrigerator, toaster, or any other electronic item. It is completely free.

Useful Website for Computer Geeks 

1. Ninite

When setting up a new Windows PC, Ninite is an awesome package manager that lets you install multiple programs all at once without any extra junk like toolbars.

Here is how it works, select the programs listed that you would like to install or update on your computer. Ninite will install the programs you selected. To keep your programs up to date, just open the Ninite and run it again.

2. PC part picker

PC part picker is a great site for do-it-yourself computer builders. This is great for creating parts for your system build. If you choose a CPU automatic compatibility, it limits parts known to be compatible with other parts and prices are constantly being updated from dozens of retailers to make sure you’re getting the best prices.

PC part picker also has user-created build guides. If you’ve never built your own PC they’re a great resource also check out their forms for more ideas and to get part list feedback from other users.


If you need books for free regarding computers, programming, mathematics, engineering or technical is a great resource to download the books. They have several categories and sub-categories along with the list of more popular categories such as C, Java, etc.

4. Tom’s hardware

Tom’s hardware is another site that’s been around for more than a couple of decades. They provide news, reviews and price comparisons of computer hardware.

Their comprehensive buyer’s guides are very useful when building or upgrading a PC with tips and advice to help ensure that you’re getting the best hardware for your computer. They also have one of the best forums with an active community of more than 2.5 million members where you can discuss the latest in computer hardware, networking, and software.

5. How-to-Geek

How-to-geek is a fantastic resource with comprehensive articles and tutorials that don’t require a computer science degree to understand while they do offer guides on various topics. It is one of the most useful tech blogs available on the web.

6. Ars Technica

Ars Technica has been around since 1998 and it’s still one of the reliable tech news sites. In addition to covering the news for the average consumer, you’ll find insightful articles, editorials, and analysis for technology enthusiasts and IT professionals covering a wide range of topics including security, privacy. and business news regarding technology companies.

They also have a forum i.e ARS Technica forum which is a great place to discuss hardware, software, operating systems, and a few other topics.

7. User Benchmark

If you’re looking to upgrade or build your own PC, User Benchmark is a great site to visit that will help you decide which computer hardware might work best for you.

On the basis of your current situation, they compute and analyze user-submitted benchmarks in several categories including GPU, CPU, memory and you can even check the results for solid-state disk and hard disk.

For example, if you select a GPU you can sort by user rating, value, average benchmark, market share along with the age and price of that component. If you want to analyze the hardware on your computer and compare the results with others you can download their speed test tool for free from their site.

Useful sites for Coder and Programmers

1. Geeks for geeks

Geeks for geeks is another great resource for computer programming enthusiasts. There’s so much to learn on this site from the basics of algorithms, data structures to programming languages along with several other categories.

Before you go to an interview with the prospective company, you can also check out their interview experiences section to find out how others fared during the interview process with many companies including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others. Geeks for geeks is truly a computer science portal for geeks.

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2. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is our top recommendation for beginners that want to learn the absolute basics of programming. In addition to their website, you can also learn on the go with their Android and iOS apps.

Unlike various similar websites for coding, SoloLearn is completely free with tutorials for Python, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS and many others.

3. GitHub

GitHub is one of the world’s largest hosting sites for developers to help manage projects and store their code. When working in teams, it also helps in keeping your projects more organized.

When starting out after you have signed up, I highly recommend reading the guide to learn more about the version control system known as git and it will also teach you how to use GitHub.

For most people, the free plan will be all that they need but there are other plans starting at $7 per month which offer additional features with more tools intended for project management.

4. Free Code Camp

Free code camp is a non-profit coding site for those of you that want to become computer programmers. Just like the many other programming sites, they offer lessons in several skills including html5, JavaScrip,t node js, and many others.

If you need help they have a useful forum for the developers. So if you want to learn how to code for free, it is a great resource.

5. Planet Source Code

If you’re a programmer, planet source code can be a useful site for you. It is a favorite site for many developers to find free samples of code online. Navigating the site is easy and you can choose the language and browse the categories and filter it down further to get the desired results. You can click on the sample code links and download it.

6. HackerOne bug bounty platform

HackerOne bug bounty platform connects the world’s top companies with penetration testers and cybersecurity researchers to help make the internet a safer place.

Hacker One even offers a free class for web security called hacker 101 that will teach you the skills to become an effective bug bounty hunter.

Useful sites for Gamers

1. Widescreen Gaming Forum

Widescreen Gaming Forums are for those of you with widescreen 4k or multiple monitors. This site can make your gaming experience on PC even better.

You can find your game from the game’s database (listed in alphabetical order), so you can see if that game is supported for your monitor. This site can also offer fixes or workarounds to get your game working perfectly on your gaming monitor. If you’re a PC gamer this is the site you should bookmark for help with your gaming monitor.

2. Steam

If you’re a PC gamer and want to get the best price on games, you should definitely check out Steam. On the homepage, you can see featured games offers along with some other deals on games or you can directly search for the game that you want.

3. How Long to Beat

Most of us have busy lives between work, school, and other social activities. Playing video games is an investment of our time. HowLongToBeat shows you how long it takes to complete single-player campaigns on a video game, so you can plan your time accordingly.

4. Cheap Shark

Cheap Shark is the site where you can find deals on PC games.

Cheap shark is another excellent site for finding deals on video games for PC. They feature the top deals by all the main players including Steam, Amazon, GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, GameStop, and others.

5. BLD from NZXT

BLD from NZXT is a company that offers pre-built pcs based on your gaming needs. Based on your favorite games, budget, and the recommendation engine they’ll choose the perfect PC for you and ship it within 48 hours.

Useful Websites for Online Shopping

1. FakeSpot

FakeSpot is for those of you that are suspicious of online reviews and are not able to filter the fake reviews from various websites including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and many others.

It analyzes suspicious patterns and incentivized reviews to find out what real users are saying about the products that you want to buy.

Here’s how it works, Copy the URL from the product page and paste the URL on the fake spot website’s search box and select analyze reviews based on the authenticity of the existing reviews that will give the product review grade of A to F. Fake spot might be useful for you if you’re on the fence about buying a product.

2. Camel Camel Camel

If you shop on Amazon camel camel camel is a tracker that monitors the price of millions of products on the shopping site. Even though if you don’t shop on Amazon all the time, it’s still useful to determine the right time to buy, especially when shopping for computer parts.

Here is how it works, in the search bar you can enter keywords to find your product or the URL from the Amazon product page. You will now have the opportunity to create a price alert with your desired price.

3. Honey Extension

Honey helps you to discover the coupon code when you shop on the web. You have to install the browser extension and simply tap on the Honey extension during checkout and Honey will apply the best coupon codes to your shopping basket. In this way, you’ll save a couple of bucks while shopping.

Other than giving coupon codes, honey tracks the price history of the products and alarms you the best time to purchase your products from your wishlist.

Useful Websites for Professionals

1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job search site that also collects reviews from employees and former employees for the companies they’ve worked for. Currently, they have ratings and reviews of over 600,000 companies worldwide.

Here you can get an overview of the company reviews from current and former employees, see which jobs are available, salaries, tips from those that interviewed at that company, employee benefits, and photos. If you want to gather more information before seeking employment with a particular company Glassdoor is a great resource.

2. CV mkr

One of the most important steps when looking for a job is to create a resume that stands out. CV maker helps to walk you through the process to create a professional-looking resume that you can save or print at any time.

CV maker is free but if you need additional features, templates or want to support this website they do offer a premium plan which costs $16 per year.

3.  JobScan

JobScan is a tool that gives job seekers an instant analysis of their resume.

JobScan is tailored for a particular job. You have to enter your resume(copy and paste text) in one textbox and the job description is another. It will go through an analysis of what is good on your resume and what can be improved.

JobScan gives you a one-month free trial after the trial ends. It is 89.95 every three months or 49.95 per month.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is great for those that would prefer earning money through small freelancing projects or gigs.

The service on Fiverr starts out at $5 USD per service and goes up to different values depending upon the level you’ve reached by completing the gigs.

5. Gohighbrow

Gohighbrow is a non-traditional learning site designed for those people that have busy lives. The lessons are five minutes long and delivered over 10 days directly to your email inbox.

They now have more than 300,000 learners with more than 200 courses available to choose from. The categories include arts, business, tech, coding, along with several others.

They offer many courses for free and for the premium courses they offer a free month trial after that you can choose the monthly plan which is $10 USD per month or be billed $48 once a year which works out to $4 per month.

7. Every Time Zone

Every Time Zone is useful for professionals who need to calculate another time zone in relation to others. Here’s an example, let’s suppose you live in the central time zone in the US and you have a client in London that needs to be contacted at 11 a.m. in their time zone. You can use the Every Time Zone to find what time it will be in the Central time zone of the US which is 6.00 AM.

Useful Websites for Designers and Creators

1. PicMonkey

Sometimes you just want to quickly edit a photo without having to learn a complicated image editing program like photoshop. PicMonkey makes it really simple.

Just select an image from your computer and start editing with the ton of editing options available on the left pane. They do offer a premium version with plans starting at 399 per month but the free version will work well for most. They also have an iOS and Android app.

2. Desygner

Desygner is an easy to use graphic design website that lets you create your own designs. They have thousands of templates to help you create posters, banners, social media posts along with several other categories of templates. Designer includes many features including millions of images and thousands of vector art stickers and backgrounds to start out.

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3. Pixlr

Pixlr is a cloud-based set of image tools and utilities. It is completely free and has two options when you land on their homepage. One is a Pixlr editor and the other is Pixlr Express.

Pixlr editors are image manipulation software that is similar to photoshop or gimp. There is a slight learning curve for using an editor. So it would be a good idea to check out some tutorials to get more familiar with it.

If you’re just looking for a quick way to edit your images you should check out Pixlr Express. It’s very similar to PicMonkey with a ton of options.

4.     Google Fonts

Google actually has a useful site called Google Fonts which is a collection of fonts you can download and use on posters, flyers, websites or anywhere else that you can think of.

With so many websites charging for fonts, all of these on google fonts are completely free.

5. BeFunky

BeFunky is an online photo editor that offers various editing options like a collage maker and a designer tool with several templates. It is free with certain limitations and they do offer a premium version with additional features starting at $2.95 USD per month.

Useful Websites for Entertainment and Fun

1. Flixable

Flixable makes it easier to browse the vast catalog of TV shows and movies on Netflix and Disney+. As many of you know doing a search on Netflix either on their website or in their app is not the most user-friendly. On this site you can easily do a search and select movies or TV shows.

2. Music-Map

Music-Map is a useful site for discovering artists that have a similar sound to your favorite music artists.

Music-Map isn’t a music streaming site, it just helps you to discover new music and it couldn’t be any easier to just type in the artist name and you will get the list of artists having the highest probability of you liking that artist too.

3. Taste Dive

Taste Dive helps you discover new movies, TV shows, music, books, authors and games. The site is simple to use, you just type in something you’ve liked in the past and it’ll show you similar content.

4. Just Watch

With the increasing number of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and many others, Just Watch makes it easier to find the streaming services offering the TV shows and movies that you’re looking for.

On their homepage, select your country to get relevant results for your region and now see popular TV shows and movies listed you could select any of those or do a search. Just Watch shows you where it’s available to stream and gives the option to rent or buy depending on your country.

Just Watch does a great job of saving your time when compared to searching for each service to join.

5. Chordify

Chordify is for bringing out musicians from you. The site lets you turn any music or song into chords. You can search or upload any song from your computer and when you hit play the song will start playing showing you the chords for that song on-screen.

They offer three options for guitar, ukulele, and piano chord. They have various pricing plans starting at $4.99 per month.

Random Useful Websites on the Internet

1. Ref Desk

Ref Desk was founded in 1995. With its outdated looking homepage, it is a great place to visit to find web-based resources in dozens of categories. You can visit the homepage and can check the site of the day, a fact of the day and other random information. So if you’re looking for additional web-based resources, Ref Desk is interesting to check.

2. 10 Minute Mail

The site is great when you don’t want to use your real email address. It gives you a throwaway temporary email address that will expire in ten minutes.

This is especially useful on sites that require email address validation or any other purpose. For example, some website requires an email address to download their software or ebook. You can use it to verify email and download.

3. Alternative To

AlternativeTo is a fantastic service that helps you to find alternatives for desktop computer software, web-based software, and mobile apps.

For example, I will search for Adobe Premiere Pro. It will show the top selection in a drop-down list with a brief description and reviews of software.

4. Qwant

Qwant is a European based search engine like DuckDuckGo and homepage that claims to be privacy-focused. They don’t store or sell your information and they don’t use cookies when you do a search.

It gives the results in a three-pane layout consisting of the web search, news, and social along the left side. They have more options to filter the results including images, videos, shopping, and music.

5. Is It Down Right Now

As the name suggests, it lets you check to find out if a website is down or not. It’s simple to use and does not require a computer science degree.

Just enter the name of a website and it will now show you the response time in milliseconds. the lower the better. It will show you when the last time the site was down and it will also let you know whether that site is currently up or down along with other information.

6. Terms of Service didn’t read (

Terms of Service didn’t read is a useful service for those people that don’t like to read terms of service agreements.

As we all know almost no one really read the agreements on the website homepage. On, you can use their search bar to find a company important TnC with a rating. The sites are rated from Class A which is very good all the way down to Class E which is very bad.

7. Open Library

Open Library is another great website from the folks at the Internet Archive. It offers more than 250,000 free ebooks that can be borrowed in either PDF, epub or online form.

Best of all, it is all completely legal. So, the next time you’re looking for a book to read and check out, OpenLibrary is goto site.

8. Get link info

Get link info takes those shortened links from webpages to let you see the original URL and determines whether a website contains malicious software or is a phishing site using Google Safe Browsing.

9. What should I read next

What should I read next is a book recommendation site that analyzes their database of real readers to give you suggestions on what to read next. You have to enter the title of a book or an author, it shows recommendations that are similar to the book.

10. Noisily

If you don’t want absolute silence while working or reading, this as the name suggests will create some noise for you. It claims to improve focus and boost your productivity.

You can choose from random productivity or relaxing sound effects or select one or more of the options. They also have an iOS and Android app. There’s also an extension for Chrome.

11. Project Gutenberg

Some of you may be familiar with free ebook sites like Open Library. Project Gutenberg is very similar, in fact, it’s the oldest digital library on the internet. It has over 53,000 free ebooks available in different formats including HTML, epub, Kindle, and others.

12. SeatGuru

As you all know airplanes are getting more cramped as airlines try to pack in more fliers to increase their revenues, so SeatGuru here comes as a rescue.

SeatGuru features more detailed aircraft seat maps, seat reviews and a color-coded system to help identify the best and worst seats.

13. Eat by date

Eat by date lets you know how long your food last i.e expiration date. You could either do a custom search or you could scroll down and select one of several categories including dairy, fruits, proteins, vegetables, and others.

14. Mix (StumbleUpon)

For many years StumbleUpon has been a great site for discovering new content on the Internet. Now, the cofounders of StumbleUpon shut it down and Mix is their new offering for discovering interesting content on the web that is relevant to you.

If you’re tired of looking at the same websites each and every day, Mix just maybe what you need to discover new websites.

15. Discover Magazine

If you’re interested in science, Discover Magazine which has been around since 1980 and offers a website with interesting articles that will expand your mind just like how stuff works. The information is presented without too much jargon in a clear and concise manner.

Discover Magazine is not affiliated or owned by the same company that owns the Discovery Channel.


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