How to Search on a YouTube like a Pro! [YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts]

youtube Search Shortcuts

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world with more than a billion views each day. Finding something to watch on the service is not that difficult but when you’re searching on the video site like Youtube for something specific, you may end up with a lot of unrelated results which can be frustrating.

There are smarter ways to find that exact video that you want to watch. So, I will show you ten simple methods and tricks that can help you search YouTube like a pro.

1. Search Video without remembering the name

If you don’t remember the name of the video that you’re looking for but you know a keyword or keywords. Directly enter the keyword and immediately do a search, a lot of suggestion will show up which include many factors such as most search for videos, based on the keyword.

For example, I had forgotten the name of a movie trailer for Marvel which happens to be Avenger’s Endgame. I will enter the keyword “marvel upcoming movie trailer”. It will show up the list and Endgame trailer is in the list.

If you’re searching for a music video on YouTube and you can’t remember the name of the song but you remember some of the lyrics just do a search with the lyrics. It will show up the video in the searched list.

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2. Search Channel without remembering name

If you’re looking for a particular YouTube channel but can’t recall the full name. This tip will help you find that channel. Type your word you remember followed by a comma, space then the word “channel”

For example, I will search “pie , channel” in this example. It lists out channels with the word pie in it.

3. Search using the Plus or Minus Operators:

The plus or minus operators in your search can help to refine your results. If I just typed the word Gordon the primary search results are of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Let’s say, I want results that don’t include Gordon Ramsay then just type:

Gordon[Space Key]-[Space Key]-Ramsay.

Now the results will not include Gordon Ramsay.

If I want the results to be primarily about NBA player Gordon Hayward, just type the word “Gordon+Hayward” to go.

Even further if you don’t want the results to include Gordon Ramsay or Hayward you can type Gordon-Ramsay-Hayward and the search results will not include either of those people.

4. Find exact search result on YouTube:

Another way to find an exact match is to use double quotes to find the result.

For example, if you have to search only for popular TV series Black Mirror, just use the double quotes at the beginning and the end of those keywords. Just enter the keyword in this format “Black Mirror”.

If you want to do a specific search that only searches your keywords in the title of a video rather than including the description. Type the word – Intitle:[Space Key]Keywords. It will show the videos with keywords in the title.

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5. Find Playlists on YouTube:

If you would like to find playlists that include several videos that you can watch back-to-back that is easy to do. Type the word  followed by a comma, space then the word “playlist”

For example, i will search “AC/DC , playlist”.  Now there are multiple ac/dc playlists that I can choose from for continuous music. You can do this with almost any music artist or search term such as some of the coolest videos on YouTube or videos that can be viewed in 360 degrees.

If you want to refine your search for a particular type of video, enter your search term followed by comma and then type of video.

For example, i will search “coolest videos , 360”. Now you’ll have a full list of videos that can be viewed in 360 degrees. If you just want 3d videos, substitute 360 with 3d and for virtual reality content substitute with VR.

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6. Search Videos on the basis of Time [Short and Long Videos]

There may be times when you’re only in the mood to watch a short video. The search query will ensure that all the video results are less than 4 minutes long. So enter your search term comma space then the words short.

On the flip side, if you want videos that are longer in length replace the word short with long.  All these videos will have the length of more than 20 minutes each.

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