Writing tips for Amazon Sellers: 7 Steps to Create Killer Content

Writing tips for Amazon Sellers

Are you getting through the tough times now and desperately looking for a way to boost sales? Consider rewriting your content. Create product descriptions that perfectly appeals to your target audience, and you will skyrocket your revenue.

Today, we will share with you seven writing tips. These tips will help you to create content that will grab the shoppers’ attention and make them add your product to a shopping cart.

Think like a customer

The rule of thumb is to focus on your customers’ wants and needs. When you are writing a copy, don’t think like a seller. Think like a customer. 

Imagine that you are a shopper and want to buy product X. Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why I’m looking for this kind of product? Which specific need do I want to satisfy?
  • What features are the most important for me?
  • What particular information about the product will influence my purchasing decision?

Check frequently asked questions

What questions do your customers ask you the most often? What information do they want to get from you? Analyze all direct messages and comments you get and then add answers to the most frequently asked questions to your product description.

Do you want to maximize your efforts? Go the extra mile and check pages of your competitors, as well as niche forum threads and blogs. Define common questions related to your product (and similar products) and cover them in your copy.

Research keywords

If you want to write an effective product description, you should choose the right keywords. You should define the list of queries your customers create when looking for your product and then use it to design high-ranking content.

Let’s say you sell athletic shoes with rubber soles. You name your product as “sneakers”. However, some customers who want to buy your product use the search queries “tennis shoes” and “gym shoes”. If you add these words to your product description, your product will become more visible. You will get more views and more sales.

Here is a list of tools you can use to conduct keyword research:

  • SEMrush Keyword
  • Keyword Tool
  • Sonar
  • Ahrefs
  • Egrow

Use descriptive adjectives

Your customers can’t touch your products or see them in real before placing an order. The only things they can do are to look at pictures and read descriptions. 

For this very reason, you should choose the right words when describing your product. Don’t use adjectives like “good”, “best”, “beautiful” – these words will not help a buyer to imagine how it feels like to hold or touch your product.

Be specific and pay attention to details. For instance, don’t say that your product is “soft”, say that it has a “smooth and velvet-like cover”. Don’t use the word “tasty”, describe your product as “flavorful and luscious”. Leverage sensory words to enhance your message and make customers want to buy your product.

  • Here are examples of sensory words by categories:
  • Sight: glossy, radiant, dazzling, striped, shiny
  • Touch: cuddly, fluffy, powdery, prickly 
  • Taste: creamy, delectable, savory, sugary
  • Smell: whiff, spicy, pungent, aromatic

Take proofreading seriously 

Pretty often, Amazon sellers forget to proofread the content, and that creates a big problem. Consciously and unconsciously, customers tend to associate the quality of content with the quality of the product on Amazon. When shoppers see a bunch of grammar errors in the product description – they lose trust in the seller and close the product page. 

Do you want people to trust your product description? Proofread your content. If you can’t do it by yourself, use proofreading and editing services like ClassyEssay and SupremeDissertations, or online grammar checkers like Grammarly.

Get help from professional writers (if needed)

If you have just started your Amazon business and have no idea how to write a product description from scratch, don’t feel ashamed to ask for help. Get assistance from professional copywriters. You can order one or two product descriptions online and use them as templates when writing new descriptions.

Where to find a qualified copywriter? Visit a popular freelance platform or a writing site. Here are a few websites that are worth your attention.

  • TrustMyPaper – It’s a professional writing service that accepts orders 24/7. Feel free to use it if you want to get a piece of quality content as soon as possible.
  • Upwork – It’s the biggest international freelance platform. Before starting a contract with a copywriter, make sure that he or she is an English native speaker and has positive reviews.
  • GrabMyEssay – It’s another writing agency where you can find talented writers who know how to create content for Amazon. GrabMyEssay has a flexible payment policy, which means you can save money by placing a non-urgent order.
  • Fiverr – It’s another international freelance platform. Here you can buy custom-written content directly from copywriters.
  • Bestessayseducation.com – If you work in a very specific niche, and need someone with a writing background in your field, visit this website. Here you will get qualified assistance. 

Add bullet lists

Modern customers are busy people (by the way, that’s the main reason why they shop on Amazon). They don’t have time to read each and every product description. They have only a few seconds to review a product page and check the key benefits and features.  

Therefore, you should always use bullet lists and highlight the most important words in bold or italic. 

Here is a pro tip for you. When writing a list, place the most useful product’s features and benefits first, and the least important information last. If you craft a proper description, it will take shoppers just a few seconds to realize that your product is the item they are looking for.

Wrapping up

You don’t need to have a master’s degree in creative writing to create killer content for Amazon. You just need to have a clear understanding of what benefits your product has and what your customers actually want.

Are you ready to take your Amazon business to the next level? Use the tips given and create highly-effective content today. Just do it.

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