Top 10 Best Travel Websites for Flights and Hotels (2020)

Best Travel Websites

Everyone loves traveling but there are lots of things involved in travel such as booking flights, hotels and budget. So to make the process easier, there are lots of travel websites available on the web which comes handy.

Therefore, I have curated the list of best travel websites which can help you in booking flights, finding the best routes, make journey cheap and a lot more. So, without further ado let’s go through the rundown:

Top 10 Best Travel Websites


1. HotelTonight


While there are a ton of traveling websites and apps to book hotel accommodations. If you’re feeling spontaneous, HotelTonight is a great site to book last-minute travel with deep discounts of the listed hotel rates.

Hotel tonight also has an app available on iOS and Android.

2. Skyscanner


If you want to get away but you’re not sure where you want to go, Skyscanner lets you search and compare flights without having an exact destination in mind. It is a one of the best travel sites for airfare comparison and searching.

In addition to entering the city or Airport, it allows you to type in a country or select everywhere if you’re open to visiting any destination and then you can click on search flights.

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3. Roadtrippers


Roadtrippers is a useful travel website for bikers to plan your route. It’ll help you to discover attractions, landmarks, hotels, weird stuff and other fun detours along the way.

You have to just enter your starting point and destination to begin. When you find a place in between you’d like to visit select it and add to trip.  when your trip is saved it can’t be synced 

Roadtrippers is available as Android and iOS app but it cannot be synced with website data. It is free with limitations and premium version cost around $30 per year. Roadtrippers Plus lets you add up to 150 waypoints for your trip instead of the usual five along with other features.

4. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor is a well-known site for planning a trip. They are not only excellent source for reviews on hotels but you’ll also find reviews for tourist attractions and restaurants.

When you are doing research on a particular hotel, a vast amount of information is available that sometimes can’t be found on other travel websites.

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5. Google Flights


Google flights is a great website to use to save money if your dates of travel are flexible.

It helps you show the pricing of the entire month and so that you can select a cheaper flight a few days before or after. There are additional filters as well which shows the price graph to get the price trends for trips.

6. ITA Matrix


ITA matrix is another travel airfare comparison site owned by Google. If you want to nerd out going to advanced controls, it will give you the option to add advanced routing codes. The site also includes a robust multi city search where you can add more than one flight.

Just a heads-up about using this website, you won’t be able to purchase your flight directly on ITA Matrix but the information you gather can be given to the airline or a travel agent.

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7. Withlocals


If you’re looking for cost-effective tours, WithLocals is a great resource to book excursions with verified hosts from the community. There are more than 2,000 tours to choose from on this site and it comes as a great travel touring site.

8. OpenTable


Whether you’re at home or traveling, the OpenTable website and app makes it easy to book reservations at restaurants to avoid the long lines and wait time.

You have just enter the date, time and how many people. You can also search by location, restaurant name or the type of cuisine.

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9. Airbnb


For those of you looking for an alternative to a hotel room, Airbnb is a popular site that connects property owners with travelers looking for accommodations.

In AirBnb, the types of homes can vary from cabins, small and large houses, glorified tents and houseboats. It is world’s most popular travel website for hotels.

10. SeatGuru


On SeatGuru you can make your journey more enjoyable experience by finding out the best seats on your flight. It helps you understand which seats are better for the journey.

You have just enter the name of the airline and the flight number, it will show you the seat maps key through which you can find good and bad seats.

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11. Airwander


Now it’s time for the coolest flight search engine on the Internet, AirWander helps you to discover stopovers of 24 hours or longer between your departure and destination.

In short, sometimes adding a stopover can give you a lower flight cost in total than going straight to the city.So, it can help you visit multiple cities at the price of one, which is kind of a great deal.

12. Oysters

Website: is an interesting hotel site that can be useful with planning your next vacation. 

As we all know hotel photos and descriptions of their properties can sometimes be misleading or stir sends professional investigators to every hotel. They provide unbiased honest reviews and photos of the hotels so you have a better idea of what to expect when you arrive at your destination. While you’re on their site you should check out their photo fake section to see how some hotels try to deceive prospective guests.

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