15 Must-Known TikTok Stats For Marketers To Achieve Victory

TikTok marketing statistics

Are you thinking of adding TikTok to your marketing strategy? You are obviously on the right path to grow your business. TikTok has grown more popular than expected in recent years, particularly among Millenials and Gen Z. There is a metric growth in the social media market after the introduction of TikTok. Brands and marketers got a great space to boost their presence.

The app ruins the internet world just with short videos, which are more interactive than any other social media site. What made TikTok famous among businesses? It provides an excellent way to make money by investing their creativity. Recently, TikTok surpassed Pinterest, Snapchat, and Messenger in the app downloads.

However, to get an outstanding experience in making your brand popular, you must know some recent TikTok stats to deliver your plan in the right way. So, we got some important statistics to market your brand on TikTok. 

Take a look at the below interesting stats to capture the perfect marketing strategy on TikTok!

#1. TikTok’s Monthly Active Users

While TikTok is on the rise, the latest report in 2021 says that there are 689 million active users monthly worldwide. Though it doesn’t beat popular sites such as Facebook and Instagram, the growth of TikTok is rapidly increasing. 

However, the above stats gives the information excluding China, which is the parent country of TikTok. It is because TikTok’s version in China is named Douyin, having 600 million active users daily.

With the inclusion of users in China, TikTok and Douyin have nearly 1.3 billion active total users worldwide.

#2. TikTok Users Between 16-29 Age

Do you know? Half of the U.S users are under the age of 16-29 years. Yes! 69% of TikTok users are young, proving the importance for businesses and brands having young generations as their target audiences. It is excellent news for marketers who have an idea to tap into the young market.  

Why has TikTok become so popular among young audiences? The users between the ages of 16 to 25 always drive into the newer environment filled with entertaining activities. Here TikTok provides them the needs by presenting flawless videos attracting the audience’s eyeballs.

#3. Number Of TikTok Downloads

Due to the pandemic situation, internet usage increases rapidly, giving an excellent way for social media sites, including TikTok. The number of TikTok application downloads exceeded the expectation of experts and got 2.8 billion downloads globally in April 2021. 

Now, TikTok has become the second most downloaded application on the app store. Though TikTok came into usage in 2016, its popularity attained exponential growth. The performance of applications gains traction of marketers and other young entrepreneurs to a great extent.

#4. Average Users Consuming 46 Minutes Per Day

The time spent on TikTok stats becomes more impressive because the video will be under the minimum length of 15 seconds. Yes! It is a great way to hook audiences’ attention with short clips. TikTok users, on average, spend 46 minutes per day either watching or preparing videos for publishing. 

While comparing other social media sites, Facebook has 58 minutes, Instagram has 53 minutes where TikTok is near them. TikTok, in a short period, reshaped the entertainment industry!

#5. Higher Engagement Rate Per Post

The recent data from Upfluence reveals that TikTok provides a better engagement rate than other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Upfluence found that micro-influencers on TikTok get the highest engagement rate of 17.96%, whereas, on Instagram and YouTube, it is 3.86% and 1.63%, respectively. 

When the engagement rate enlarges, the growth of TikTok followers rises exponentially, leading to your brand’s existence. So, TikTok is the best platform to gain popularity with audience engagement.

#6. Available in 150+ Countries

TikTok is a famous application spread over the world that is approximately around 155 countries in 75 languages. TikTok gives access for brands to target demographics across the globe. Since the users are widespread globally, it is easy for marketers to reach their brand among global audiences.

Brands take this as an advantage and increase brand awareness all over the world to reach the target. The official creator marketplace on TikTok gives that the application is spread over 150 markets and is the most downloaded app in 40+ countries.

#7. Entertainment Content Views By Hashtag

According to Statista, the most popular content on TikTok got a maximum of 2 billion views. On TikTok, the most viewed content category is the entertaining content that acquires 535 billion hashtag views. The second comes the dance category with 181 billion hashtag views. 

The above statistics give a clear idea of audience interest, and they focus more on entertaining and dance videos. Here are few categories with views:

  1. Prank videos – 79 billion views
  2. Fitness & sports – 57 billion
  3. Beauty & skincare – 33 billion
  4. Cooking recipes – 18 billion
  5. Life advise and hacks – 13 billion
  6. Pets – 10 billion

#8. Users In India Before Banning

India is another famous country for using TikTok with a lot of youngsters. The TikTok application was amazed by more than 200 million active users before banning the app by the government in 2020. Do you know? From mid-2019 to June 2020, India ranks first in the usage of TikTok applications worldwide than anywhere else.

#9. Android Users On TikTok

The report from AppAnnie shows that android users around the world spend an average of 13.3 hours streaming actively on the application in a month. It takes TikTok to the fourth position, which is just behind famous applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Undoubtedly, as a brand, you can start to involve your marketing plan on TikTok to gain faster growth. People spend the most time on TikTok, considering it as an entertaining medium.

#10. 90% Of Users Access TikTok Daily

Here comes another tribute to the TikTok community. It is all about the usage of the TikTok application. 90% of TikTok users access the application daily, i.e., among ten users, 9 logs in to TikTok several times each day. 

The important point to consider before getting into the social media platform is audience engagement and active users. And, TikTok deserves that with higher enthusiastic audiences. Involving TikTok in marketing is an excellent plan to grow your brand.

#11. Most TikTok Users Are Female

If you are a brand focusing on women’s audiences, then you are lucky. Yes, 58.8% of TikTok users are being identified as female. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be on TikTok if your target men. Both men and women’s usage of TikTok is nearly equal in ratio.

No matter what your product or service is, TikTok is the best platform to grow your audiences among a broader user base. Since the usage of TikTok is the equal ratio for both genders, TikTok provides a broader opportunity for brands to connect with loyal audiences.

#12. 55% Of TikTok Users Uploading Their Own Videos

TikTok is a platform stuffed with endless videos uploaded daily. A little more than half of the TikTok users i.e.55% of people, prepare their own video and publish on TikTok. At the same time, 68% of TikTok users prefer watching the available content. 

This gives a clear idea that the majority of people’s thought is to consume the available content. However, it is a large percentage of users involved in preparing their content. You still have a great opportunity to make your content a viral one with creative thoughts.

#13. TikTok – U.S Teen’s Favorite Platform

The majority of U.S people use TikTok for entertainment and also for business purposes. From a recent survey, 1/3 of the U.S teens’ favorite platform is TikTok (i.e.29% of Young audiences on TikTok). It gives the information that teens in the U.S are more likely to spend their most time scrolling on TikTok. 

The above stats scatters you with a bigger opportunity to reach more young audiences for your business. Compared to 2020, the percentage is increasing from 13 to 29%. Grab the attention of audiences by publishing content according to their interest.

#14. 80 Million Downloads In May 2021 Alone

Though TikTok is no longer available in India, its success keeps on rolling out day by day in other countries. From the research of Sensortower, TikTok gained 80 million downloads in the month of May 2021 alone. 

The growth of TikTok in the recent year reached a peak and became the top non-game downloaded application both in Google Play and Apple store.

#15. TikTok – Popular Social Media App For Kids

From the annual report of Qustodio 2021, which focuses on Children’s Digital habits, TikTok acquires the place of the popular application for kids aged between 6 to 15 years globally. Though TikTok is the recently launched social media application, its popularity among youngsters is on its rise. 

However, global kids of 41% use TikTok, whereas 39% of kids use Facebook. The usage of social media applications has been reversed after the introduction of TikTok. In 2019, Instagram was a famous application among kids, but now TikTok has gained higher revenue.

Wrapping Up:

TikTok remains the most excellent marketing platform if you are actively seeking out younger audiences. Ready to start your marketing on TikTok? Put all the video marketing strategies on TikTok and bring a perfect plan to increase your brand reach. Stick on to the above 15 TikTok statistics that help you create the right content for your target audiences.

Engage your audiences with your authentic content and land your brand on success with the right strategy!

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