Top 20 Best Sites like Worldstar

In today’s world where everything is related one way or the other with social media’s, people upload each and everything regarding what they see, feel or do irrespective whether it’s relevant or not. In this pool of uploading and downloading there are some who are talented and needs a breakthrough in the field of dance, comedy, music, or anything related to entertainment and talent, but with very less idea about how to build their foundation and a lack of information regarding about it such contents doesn’t get enough acknowledgment and get’s lost in the world of internet.

Not only focusing to those who want to show, but there are also people scattered all around the globe who wants to see such contents in order to get inspired or in search of some talents or simply for entertainment purposes. But for all such a common market or home is needed for such give and take of entertainments. There are sites like worldstar which provides the up loaders, down-loaders and the viewer’s such platform where they can come together!

The site mentioned holds all such contents related to dance, music, pranks and a platform for new artists where they can showcase their talents. Other sites like worldstar are available too, in fact, there are number of such sites which provides such platforms.

Such world star like sites to acts as a helping hand thereby sharing the same purpose and helping such new artists at it’s best where the viewers are able to see all the exciting things that they have in their pocket. These sites to contain all such videos which act as a basic form of entertainment. Here is a list of a few sites where you can find your desirable search related to entertainment and talent…

Websites Like Worldstar hiphop


This website is a central hub for those people who are looking for contents and music videos related to soul music, hip-hop, RnB, Rap music, Afro beats, Reggae music, old skool and other tons of such videos.

Here you will get all the information’s regarding hip-hop. Formed in the year 1998, this site has gained a handful number of popularity accounting up to 5 million visitors per month. Created by Greg Waythins and Chuck Creekmur, this commercial website was formed with the sole motive of providing music downloads to promote the label’s artists.

The website which contains various music videos, interviews, reviews where such mentioned topics are discussed in details regarding the meaning of the song, etc. Also containing interviews of the artists where they are asked in person about themselves which are discussed in details.

Here, people from all around the globe upload and download stock photos for free.

Launched in the year, this site was created by Felicia Palmer and Steven Samuel. A commercial website that is available in English for music videos with its the owner as the renowned 4Control Media. The website is very much active till date.

Another music websites contain various music videos of different genres support new music artists thereby focusing on the new upcoming music talents inspiring youth to a very large scale online.

If you are a music lover with hip-hop in your blood and likes to stay up-to-date with all daily hip hop dosage then this is the best website for you containing all new hip-hop mainstream music including the contents of new artists scattered all around the globe allowing them the freedom to express their talent like the way they want to.

A worldwide leader and a popular website which contains all the exclusive interviews of music artists including urban news which are very much breathtaking thereby shaking the internet.

A good source of your day to day contents in the field of music including and focusing mainly on viral videos with its roots seeped in many social media’s like twitter, Facebook, and so on.

This site provides you with all the information’s regarding concert listings, new music videos of the existing as well as the new music artists where you will also be to purchase clothes and online goods too.

A good source and a very reliable website for all the news and updates that you are looking for. Contains various music videos and interviews of many artists with the reviews of the recent music albums and videos.

If you are gossip lover and someone who is very interested about what is happening in the field of music ( solely hip-hop ) then is the most appropriate site for you which contains all the news of what is happening in the music industries also including about the newly introduced music videos and artists.


A website containing the several mixtapes of various artists available to download. Also containing news regarding what newly released songs as according to the trend based on a weekly wise.


An official and a commercial website containing music videos, new songs and all which is also available for download including all the details and news related to it.


Here you will be able to find the trending viral videos, funny videos and the current ones including the news and gossips going on.

Bitch You Famous

Contains all the crazy videos, gossips and fights that would easily help you to spend the day in a relaxing way with all the contents focused on capturing and grabbing all your attention in every way possible.


Here in this website where the D stands for decentralized is based on STEEM which is a social media where you can earn on the basis of the content of the video that you are uploading where rewards are given by posting, circulating and up voting relevant contents irrespective whether the contents are good or bad. Pretty much similar to that of YouTube but very much restrictions.


Last but not the least we have Vidlii, an official commercial website made solely for the purpose of watching, uploading and downloading and sharing videos all across the globe in the least complex way possible taking into account the convenience of the up-loader.


With such dependable sites disposed of in your arsenal, one can exercise the power of social media as accordingly to one’s favor. Such sites help the needy ones to such an extent where they can find their desirable search available anywhere present at the tip of their finger. As mentioned earlier, there are many artists who want to showcase their valuable talents, some wants to upload something in the social media with a motive of earning something in return, some simply wants to surf the internet just to have a good time with oneself, some looks for such websites for research purposes and so on.

Therefore, this arranged and compared list of all such websites promises that what you have been looking for can be and therefore is available and can be reached here with applying a considerable amount of effort with least magnitude of labor that one has to apply for.

It is very easy to get distracted and waste your time searching and going on looking for your desirable website, but since the internet is filled with all irrelevant sites that it is very much relevant for one to lose it’s track thereby going astray.

But worry not as this presented list of the mentioned websites can surely give you what you have been looking for thereby wasting a very minute amount of time. With such arranged stock of information’s, one would easily get what one is looking for without any scope of error thereby leaving the person away from being skeptic regarding what he/she is about to invest their time into.

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