Top 10 Best Coding Games for Kids and Adult Programmers (2020)

Best Coding Games

Whether you’re learning to code or practicing the skills, you might have already learned coding games offer a fun and challenging way to level up your programming skills. So, I will share with you more than ten best coding games with the combination of websites and software for all ages that will help to teach you the basics of coding or reinforce what you already know.

Let’s start off with the websites for beginners and further we’ll move on to the more advanced sites. Following the websites I’ll show you the coding game software.

Top 10 Coding Games



1. Hour of Code

Website: offers one-hour tutorials and activities for all ages in 45 languages. There’s activities for mine craft, Star Wars and many others. All are completely free and you can even create your own flappy bird game.

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2. CodeMonkey

Website: is one of the best coding games for beginners. It uses a real programming language called CoffeeScript to teach you how to build your own games in html5 with no previous experience needed. 

It’s geared towards kids but might be worth checking out if you’re an adult that is new to the world of programming. Most activities will be locked when you first get started and completion of an activity opens a new one. 

Code monkey offers a 14-day free trial with plans starting at $4.95 per month.

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3. Flexbox Froggy

Website: is for those of you interested in web development through the coding games from scratch. 

Flexbox Froggy teaches the basics of alignment using CSS code in 24 levels. The goal is to move the frogs to the lilypad using the justify content property. They give you the code for the first level to justify content property and so on. It gets difficult with new levels.

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4. Flexbox Defense

Website: is similar to the Flexbox Froggy which offers to practice CSS. It is one of the top coding games which helps in learning web development.

The goal of this is to move the towers to an effective position to destroy the incoming enemies. There’s a total of twelve levels and you’ll be using the same values as flexbox froggy.

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5. CodeCombat

Website: is another website which offers coding games for kids with tools for educators but can be used by anyone of any age. 

CodeCombat is similar to older RPG games and offers a similar look, click on the play. The programming language you can learn are Python, JavaScript and CoffeeScript. 

Codecombat core levels are free and if you go with the premium plan they give you additional perks, including the ability to unlock new heroes and access to more than 300 levels for $9.99 per month.

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5. CodinGame

Website: is perhaps my favorite of all the websites mentioned. So far more than 25 programming languages are supported including JavaScript, Ruby and Python. 

If you know the basics of programming Coding Game will help you to expand your existing knowledge. It includes solo challenges and multiplayer games that you can play with your friends. It offers one of the coolest coding games and programming options for every age group.

Best of all, CodingGame is completely free.

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6. CheckiO

Website: is another site where you can improve your skills with challenges for both beginners and advanced developers. You can choose JavaScript and Python as a language. 

While most of the features on are free. But they do offer a member plan starting at just $2.99 per month which gives you immediate access to all missions stations and solutions.

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7. Codewars

Website: is for those who have intermediate to advanced level skills. It’s definitely one of the best coding games for adults and there are more than 20 programming languages for you to choose.

You earn points for completing puzzles which help to improve your ranking as you move up the ranks and you’re presented with new challenges that match your skill level. 

They don’t just let anybody sign up. So, before you can join you must complete a basic test to prove your skills.Once you have completed the test, you sign up to code wars.

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8. Robocode


In RoboCode you can write the artificial intelligence code for your robots and then you can watch the robot tank to fight it out. It’s completely free and available on SourceForge. 

It was launched way back in 2000 and it’s still updated on a regular basis. The remainder of these games are available on Steam.

Robocode can be considered as a best coding game software available on internet.

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9. Human Resource Machine

Steam URL:

In human resource machine you can program miniature office workers to solve puzzles. It’s good for beginners and it’s cost us around $15.

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10. TIS-100

Steam URL:

TIS-100 is an open-ended game where you rewrite corrupted code to make repairs and unlock secrets. It’s not easy and will make you want to pull your hair out. It’s cost around $7.

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11. Shenzhen I/O

Steam URL:

Shenzhen I/O is another puzzle game from the makers of TIS-100. In this game you build circuits using a variety of components and write code using a simplified assembly language. 

Shenzhen IO will cost you around $15.

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12. Gladiabots

Steam URL:

Gladiabots is another robot combat strategy coding game software in which you construct the AI for your robots and send them into battle. It’s available in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Its cost is around $15 and you can often find these titles discounted during steam sales.

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Final Thoughts

Coding Games are great for those who want to be aspiring coders either they are kids, adults or someone who just want to have fun while coding. It will not just help you learn but also makes it engaging. 

If you think there are some other good coding games websites or programs which isn’t mentioned in the list, let us know about it in the comments.

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