A Guide to the Best International Advertising Agency

How to find the best International Advertising Agency

International advertising is the study of the relationship between similarities and differences in the advertising field across different countries and how they are affected by it. It is the planning, pricing, and directing the flow of services and goods to consumers and users in different countries and monitoring the performance.

International advertising agencies are businesses set up primarily to handle or deal with the advertising of products and services across different countries. International advertising agencies are responsible for creating, planning, and handling advertising a product or service in different demographics per the needs and wants of a business or a client.

International advertising agencies have various objectives as to their international advertising. Some of the objectives are as follows:


In most companies, this is the most important objective.

This is the stage whereby the companies try to convince clients to buy their products. They achieve this by the use of flashy signs and advertisements to capture the attention of the consumer of said product and convince them to buy it and use it.


Continuity simply put, is trying to maintain your customer base and for them to keep purchasing and using your products continually.

This is achieved by constantly coming up with new features and/ or improvements to them. This keeps the consumer interested in the product as well as keeps him/ her curious and wanting more.

Brand Switch

This is where a company tries to convince a consumer of a different product to stop using the said product and switch to the company’s product. The companies may use promotions and discounts to achieve this goal.

Switching Back

Here, a company tries to convince consumers to consume their products and stop consuming the competitor’s products. These consumers were once theirs before they switched to the competitor’s products.

They can convince the consumers to return by the use of sales discounts and promotions and also product package rebranding.

International advertising agencies can help a business increase sales by the use of advertisements and promotions. If you find a good international advertising agency, they will help you for a fee. If you want to make sure your advertising campaigns are effective and hit the target market, it is important you find an agency that will guide you and help you achieve this.

Before choosing an advertising agency, you need to do or know the following:

  • Find out the size of the agency
  • Find out if they belong or possess membership to any professional association
  • Inquire what type of advertising media they like to use and what is their preferred strategy
  • Find out about campaigns they have done in the past and how successful they were
  • Look at what kind of client list they possess, both in the past and present
  • Find out all you can concerning the individuals assigned to you and their performance record
  • Find out whether they understand what your business entails and who is your competition
  • Find out how they conduct the assessments of how effective a campaign will be
  • Request an estimate of the fee to be charged
  • Look for references from past or present clients

International advertising agencies have various ways in which they are compensated for their services to a client. Some of those methods are as follows:

Commission from Media

In this method, an international advertising company is compensated based on the amount of time and/ or space it has purchased for a client.

The commission has traditionally been of fifteen percent but lately, that number has been negotiated downwards.

Fixed Fee Method

Here, an international advertising agency earns its money by charging a standard monthly fee to a client. It then credits the median earnings to the client.

Cost-Plus Agreement

In this compensation method, the international advertising agency and the client agree on a fee to be paid based on the cost of the agency’s work plus an agreed profit margin.


Before choosing an international advertising agency for your business, ensure you do your due diligence and find the agency that perfectly suits your business, style, and product.

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