4 Effective Supplement Marketing Strategies

4 Effective Supplement Marketing Strategies

Preventive health care maintenance and overall wellness have become a mainstay in current health conversations. The pandemic’s effects have made many individuals worldwide realize the importance of prioritizing health care, making it a daily activity rather than visiting doctors only when the worst has already happened. This increasing awareness has placed the global dietary supplement market in a better place. However, tapping into this growth for supplement brands requires brilliant marketing services to increase sales and competitive advantage. Here are four effective supplement marketing strategies you should know.

1. Video Marketing


Marketing has evolved from newspaper ads to digital channels. According to current marketing trends, about 60 percent of consumers are more likely to click on a business whose image appears in their search results. Further, global audiences retain more visual than auditory information. These statistics have become more than enough proof for marketers to incorporate video into their marketing strategies. Several ways exist for supplement brands to improve their video marketing efforts. Video content production can be challenging and capital intensive, so it’s essential to enlist partners like Parlay Studios if you’re in the NYC area.

Parlay Studios sits on a 50,000 square foot space, optimized with state-of-the-art photo and video production equipment and accessories to help brands produce their visual content with no hassle. Also, fitted in the studios are effective industrial HVAC systems to make your production crew more comfortable throughout your sessions.

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2. Labeling and Packaging

It’s tempting to assume your high-quality product is enough to crack the market. Even the highest-quality product requires effective marketing. Making your supplement brand marketing effective hinges on several factors, including product labeling and packaging.

Packaging can increase visibility for your supplement product and help differentiate your product from others on the market. Further, many vitamin manufacturers are operating in the United States. You will want to find a vitamin manufacturer that can produce quality supplements using your custom formulations.

You might be wondering how you can place your products top of mind among consumers, ensuring they see your vitamin product first when they hit the store. You can tailor your packaging design to reflect your branding essentials, making it easy for consumers to connect the product to your company. Beyond aesthetics, packaging protects the product’s content and enhances its credibility and usability. These other functions can significantly affect your marketing efforts.

Be sure to provide customers with details about the dietary ingredients used for your product manufacturing. Customers care about the side effects of the supplement products they use. It’ll be unfair and illegal not to place this information on your labels. They also need to know whether or not the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approves of your product.

3. Social Media Marketing


Close to 5 billion people globally use social media. The adoption numbers continually increase with more platforms joining in, as mobile phone and internet proliferation rates increase. Therefore, you’ll be cutting your supplement brand away from about 70 percent of the entire world population if you don’t leverage social media.

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However, ensuring effective marketing results for your supplement product can be daunting. The trends frequently change as more platforms and users join the play. For instance, an average social media user has about six to eight social media accounts. That means your brand has to consider different types of content across these platforms for optimum visibility.

Creating tons of social media content might not be the way either. Facebook sees over a billion posts each day, while Instagram users publish a million photos to the platform daily. Your posts can get lost in the crowd across multiple platforms. Luckily, many software solutions have emerged for social media content creators to improve ROI.

4. Offline Marketing

Your supplement products can also benefit from tried-and-tested offline marketing strategies like television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. Many marketing experts tout on-ground marketing as an effective way to reach a specific marketing demographic, especially consumers outside the Gen Z bracket.

All in all, choosing marketing strategies for your brand shouldn’t be an either-or situation. You can combine multiple strategies for optimum results.

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