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GetInsta App Review

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms in the world and it is frequently used by content creators, influencers, businesses, and the normal user who wants to be socially active on the Internet. It is also one of the most conversion-ready social networking platforms and that’s why getting followers on Instagram is like a race, which you can achieve by putting out creative content and gaining organic followers. 

Gaining organic followers takes a lot of time and hustle. But using optimization tools to gain free Instagram followers and likes makes it a lot easier and GetInsta is the tool that comes as a rescue.

What is GetInsta App?

getinsta app review

It is the most legitimate tool for increasing your Instagram Likes & Followers. It’s a simple app available on Android Playstore, iOS AppStore, and Windows. GetInsta helps you start increasing the followers and likes in 3 simple steps:

  1. Signing up, 
  2. Earning coins by following others
  3. Use that coin to get followers on-page and likes on posts.

It’s 100% free and secure to use where you’ll real Instagram users, and the followers and likes are from active and real Instagram accounts only.

Overall, GetInsta provides a fast and safe tool to get free Instagram followers and also the likes for your posts immediately and in a short time.

Features of GetInsta

  • Easy and nice user experience
  • Safe and secure, without any viruses
  • Available across all platforms i.e. iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • Supports 16 different languages.
  • Follows and likes from real and active users.
  • 100% free and you need to collect coins in order to gain more followers and likes.
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Step by step guide for using GetInsta App

Step 1 – Select the device which you are using and download the app. 

getinsta app review

Step 2 – Create an account and log in with your account. ( Below are screenshot of the android device)

GetInsta App Review

Step 3 – On logging in, you will get 1000 coins as a joining bonus, with which you can instantly get free followers and likes.

getinsta app review

Step 4 – Add an Instagram account by entering a username. You can enter multiple accounts.

GetInsta App Review

Step 5 – Start using the coins and post a follow-up task or a task to get likes/followers for that account.

getinsta app review

Step 6 – To receive more coins, check the tasks set by others, and tap on the Get coins icon.

Pros of GetInsta App

  • The user profile will be safe and private
  • No bogus and bot accounts as this app work with real Instagram users
  • Get instant results for using the coins within the app.
  • Followers and likes are organic and genuine.
  • This app is free and supports 16 languages 
  • The app 100% is free to use

Cons of GetInsta App

  • Energy limit to earn coins
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Hands-On experience of GetInsta App

1. All in all, GetInsta is reliable and safe where you can gain free Instagram likes and followers with no human verification.

2. The speed of likes and follows are not rapid to consider spam by Instagram.

3. Earning coins also have a threshold to make sure your account is not captured for spamming. This is called the Energy limit in the app.

4. It is free but ̧if you don’t want to like and follow others to get followed in return, you can buy real followers on the website.


GetInsta is a nice tool to boost your Instagram profile in a short period of time for nothing and there is no human check or overview required. You will be followed and liked by genuine users in simple 3-4 steps. This app is quick, easy to use, and provides immediate results.

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