Cloud-to-Cloud backup; what is it and why is it so popular?

Cloud to Cloud Backup

What is Cloud-to-Cloud backup?

Before we talk about Cloud-to-Cloud backup or C2C backup, it is important to first know what exactly it is. A C2C backup is the practice of copying data stored on one cloud backup service to another cloud.

Third-party cloud backups have gained popularity in the tech world over the past years mainly because of the fact that all their maintenance is done by the vendor, the costs are lower and backups can be run automatically, without manual intervention.

Why go for a Cloud-to-Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup solutions have proven to be more reliable than any local backups (tapes or disks) multiple times and many organizations have adopted it and preferred it over local backups, but any system can fail. Although it is less likely it can still fail so this is where the idea of cloud-to-cloud backup came into play. Through C2C Backup, data is backed up to multiple locations which are advisable to many organizations who want to add an extra layer of security to their data.

Many businesses are turning to cloud-to-cloud backup for an added redundancy at a second location especially when company provides services such as O365 Tenant to Tenant Migration and  dropbox to sharepoint migration etc.. If we look at SaaS applications, if data is lost or deleted due to a human error or any reason whatsoever, the company is held responsible. The company would have to offer large fees in order to restore their data so that is why a cloud-to-cloud backup is also preferred in this situation.

What are the advantages?

  • A cloud-to-cloud backup is more comprehensive in the sense that it protects data against many possible reasons for data loss, including human error.


  • The vendor of a C2C backup primarily focuses on backing up data, so backups and recoveries are a lot quicker and very easy to perform.


  • Data which is backed up to another cloud is accessible from anywhere around the world, at any time.


  • C2C backups are usually protected against ransomware as they are not on the office’s network.


  • Easily Scalable and added performance makes for faster recovery and reduced RTOs.

Choosing the right Vendor

We have discussed how great and helpful cloud-to-cloud backup is but it will be of no significant use if you have not chosen the right vendor for your data. It is important to lay down your company’s needs and requirements and then match a vendor according to them who offers transparency in every aspect so that you know what you are paying for and are actually paying for the things you need, rather than just paying for the whole package.

StoneFly’s DR365V offers cloud-to-cloud backup for Veeam users. Veeam backup to Azure cloud is used widely by many renowned companies across the world.


Cloud-to-Cloud backup has become more popular than many would like to believe because of the many advantages it has to offer. It adds an added layer of security to your data while reducing RTPs and RPOs at the same time. After choosing the right vendor, cloud-to-cloud backups can take your data protection to the next level.

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