Top 10+ Best Fonts for Graphic and Web Designers

best fonts for graphic designers

Whether you’re a graphic designer or YouTube creator looking for that perfect font for your thumbnail or banner. Choosing the best font for your project can make all the difference. So, let’s go through the rundown of best fonts available on the web.

1. Bebas New

It belongs to the sans-serif font family but straightforward clean lines in the past few years it’s been growing in popularity we’ve been using it quite a bit over the last several months.

2. Moon Get

Moon Get is a heavy font based on the UHD elements of the Nintendo switch game Super Mario Odyssey.  It’s probably the most requested font that we use and only available in one style.

3. EA Font

EA font is based on the style used by Electronic Arts for their EA Sports division. It features unique rounded edges that will make your project stand out.

4. Montserrat

Montserrat is an open-source sans-serif typeface based on the old posters and signs. It can be found in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

5. SF Distant Galaxy

Coming to you from a galaxy far far away. SF distant galaxy is another attention grabber inspired by the style used for Star Wars.

6. American Captain

American Captain is available for free. It’s an older looking pot with its unique origins getting back to the early to mid-1900s but can still make a great impression on modern projects .

7. Roboto and Roboto Condensed

Roboto is largely geometric while featuring open curves. I also recommend Roboto condensed which is a separate download.

8. Nunito

Nunito is a rounded terminal sans-serif for those of you looking for thought without any hard edges.

9. Uni Sans (Thin & Heavy)

Uni Sans is a great new font with sharp edges and well-rounded curves. Only the two styles are free along with the corresponding italics. we only

10. Open Sans, Open Sans Condensed, Lato, and Raleway

Open Sans along with Open Sans Condensed, Lato and Raleway are the fonts from the third-party sites like google fonts.

Microsoft Fonts:

The next four fonts are supplied by Microsoft for the Windows operating system. The availability of these fonts may vary depending on which version of Windows you’re running.

11. Arial

Arial is a sans-serif typeface and is one of the most widely used fonts over the last 30 years.

12. Bahn Schrift

Bahn Schrift is one of the newest font released by Microsoft. It’s based on the den 1451 sans-serif typeface which is a common font used on road signs in Germany.

13. Impact

Impact is a bold condensed sans-serif font. It should be familiar to those of you that have been following this channel from the beginning a couple

14. Segoe UI font

Segoe UI font is one of the coolest Microsoft supply. It’s one of the most versatile fonts that could be used with almost any project.

Let us know and share with others what is your favorite font for graphic design work. Let us know about it in the comments.

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