How Online Gaming May Boost Memory?

How Online Gaming May Boost Memory? If you are also racking your brain while trying to get an answer to this query, then take the help of this simple guide to find accurate answers. 

How Online Gaming May Boost Memory

A significant number of children use their spare time to play video games, especially some popular Google Memory Games. And a significant number of adults, including parents, are concerned that playing such games might be detrimental to the maturing brain of a youngster. However, recent research suggests that gaming may have some positive effects on the mind. The performance of video gamers on two independent mental tests was much higher than that of nongamers.

You may believe that playing video games is simply a harmless way to pass the time, but if it’s something you’ve never done before, it might really help your brain in the long run. After starting to play a video game on a daily basis, participants of all ages in a research study saw an improvement in their results on a memory test. This included younger as well as older people.

For the purpose of the research, several age groups, ranging from college students to individuals in their seventies and eighties, participated in the training to play immersive video games for a total of fourteen hours over the course of two weeks. The participants were given a memory test intended to stimulate the hippocampus both before and after they played the video game. The hippocampus is an area of the brain that is engaged as you navigate an unfamiliar environment and is essential to the generation of new memories.

What Really Appeared in the Results? 

People who had been passionate gamers before puberty scored better on working memory tasks, which entail cognitively holding and manipulating information to produce a result. Despite the fact that these people no longer played video games, their performance improved. A very capable researcher on the topic in question came to this conclusion and publicized the results. 

Before the start of the trial, after some sessions, and then again a few days later; the researchers checked in with the participants’ cognitive abilities to see how they were doing. They evaluated a variety of cognitive processes, such as response speed, visuospatial abilities, attention span, working memory, and working memory. The findings as a whole showed extremely limited improvements in cognitive ability; which appeared to stem exclusively from the video game training and not the TMS; nevertheless, the researchers did discover that individuals with early experience of video gaming had enhanced working memory. This was the case even though the results as a whole showed very limited increases in cognitive capacity

The Effects of Video Games and Their Connection to TMS [Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation]

The research also conducted other tests on transcranial magnetic stimulation; however, before we get into those results, let’s first examine how precisely this stimulation works. 

The procedure of this stimulation involves applying magnetic impulses to the surface of the skull; in order to affect the activity of the neural pathways in the brain. It is important to note that this stimulation does not cause any permanent damage to the brain; and that it simply temporarily alters brain function. The researchers employed this stimulation in conjunction with video games to investigate;- whether or not working memory; also and cognitive abilities increased as a result of the combination of these two elements. 

Despite this, the researchers were unable to get the outcomes they desired by adding an additional combination of stimulation. This was likely due to the very convoluted and unpredictable nature of this particular stimulation. 

The outcomes of all the studies and research allow us to draw the conclusion; the simple introduction of these games had a higher influence on our cognitive abilities; and working memory than the combination of video games and TMS did in this regard.

The findings of this fascinating and remarkable research indicate; that playing video games from infancy and throughout many people’s life relates to a significant increase in the latter’s cognitive abilities; as well as their memory capacity. However, too much of anything may become addictive; while drawing your own conclusions, using your own good judgment is essential since you know yourself best.

Summing Up

So, this was all we had to share with you as our views and research on the subject matter. As is clear from the previous sections of this guide; the study itself and its results are enough to answer the aforementioned question. The advantages of such games are quite positive on the memory-retaining capacity of the brain. 

However, these results may not appear in an instant, but the advantages are surely there. Moreover, by keeping up with such memory boosting and enhancing online and offline games; users can easily provide fuel to their information-retaining capacities. 

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