5 Strategies to Prevent IoT & Cloud Computing Security Risks (& Resolve Them)

Strategies to Prevent IoT & Cloud Computing Security Risks

IoT or The Internet of Things is dubbed the next big evolution in the technology world. It is simply electronic devices that are connected to the internet. Everyday devices like our cars, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave machines to complicated and life-saving devices like heart monitors or fitness bands can be used as IoT if they are connected with the Internet. In short, IoT is not only about connecting items to the internet, it’s also about those items communicating with one another. If a device has an on-off switch, it has the potential to be part of the IoT. As much as we want our future to be always connected with the web, we might also need it to be secure. Since these devices store a massive amount of our personal information, it’s quite a critical need to keep it from getting hacked or misused. Check the Gartner Digital Marketplace website to knowing more about the safety of IoT devices.

There are tremendous benefits of using IoT devices, like say connected car tech. It could help users in case of any emergency, then it could help us with remote car diagnostics, and many more tasks. The IoT ecosystem brings about increased productivity in business vertices too. Several organizations saved a lot of money and time when they switched to an IoT ecosystem.  So, before connecting any IoT-enabled device to the internet, consumers should familiarize themselves with how to mitigate various security risks, and specifically for business customers, they should consider investing in an IoT course to pave the way for safe navigation in this ecosystem. It is also prudent to check for manufacturer-specific guidelines on how to use an IoT-enabled device. To get more updates on IoT and 5G-related topics such as 5G monetization and industry applications, register at our given website.

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Strategies to Prevent IoT & Cloud Computing Security Risks

 Today, we will discuss eight strategies to prevent IoT and cloud computing security risks. Here are they:

Make Sure that your Internet Connection is secure:

Always use a highly encrypted network connection when dealing with sensitive data. Using an open public hotspot to access the internet is a security nightmare, avoid using those at all costs. Another thing: use an uncommon password for your internet network, and preferably do not write that down anywhere. A lot of people make the mistake of using a highly guessable password and later fall prey to hackers. Also, hackers have now become more advanced than before, so preferably use 256-bit encryption instead of 64-bit or 128-bit to safeguard your network.

Know the details of permission:

There are several permissions asked by apps and IoT devices, read them individually to know why it is that they are asking for that permission. For example, recently there was a huge outcry about why a calculator app needs contact permission, this was later removed by the developer but he intended to use this permission to enable users to share the app with their friends and family over SMS text if they want. Many of us knowingly or unknowingly allow access to our location, camera, call history, and others to apps that should not have asked about this in the first place. Don’t save critical information on a connected device and always check for permission details and enquire to the developer if you do not understand the need for particular permission.

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Always have a backup network:

If you are dependent entirely upon one network source, then this is the biggest blunder you would have taken. Several routers allow the creation of a secondary network called ‘guest network’  which is separate from the main network. This will help you keep the mainframe free from encumbrance and also allocate bandwidth as per need by using the quality of service functionality. Enterprise customers can make separate networks within the organization for various different departments so that an identifiable audit trail can be made.

Strategies to Prevent IoT & Cloud Computing Security Risks

Don’t cheap out on network gear:

Some things are not to be compromised, do not buy a cheap network gear solution to save a few dollars now but pay heavily later. Always buy from reliable and trustworthy brands and never go for cheap copies. Because this little piece of tech is your first line of hardware-based defense in the unfaithful event of an attack on your network.

Check to see if your device has the latest firmware update:

Several threats are evolving in nature and not always can be fixed at the time of manufacture of the IoT device, so the manufacturers push security and quality of life firmware updates to protect their users. Check to see if your device has the updated firmware as specified by the manufacturer. For enterprise customers updating their devices is a time-consuming and costly affair, however, time invested now will be saved later when some hacker tries to compromise their network integrity.

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