Top 5 Smartphone Gadgets You Never Know Existed! [March 2019]

1. Muja TouchPad

muja gamepad - Smartphone Gadgets You Never Know Existed

You might be thinking I’ve already got one touchscreen on my smartphone. Why do I need another?

Well it’s not there for the front of your smartphone. To install it, you just press it into the back of your phone and it’s got about 20 sticky pads that hold it in place.

It’s a weird experience because it opens up a world of input that you’ve probably never had before. In a way, it feels like you’re able to reach the touch of screen through the back of your smartphone.

2. Oyo

i-oyo - Smartphone Gadgets You Never Know Existed

Oyo helps you stop dropping your smartphone. There are three main parts to this contraption.

You’ve got these central housing which sticks onto the back of your smartphone using 3m tape. It’s got a solid fit and this housing contains the extendable string that connects to a wrist band and it’s all elasticated and very flexible so it doesn’t feel like you’re tied down to your phone or you’ve got no range of movement. But it does very convincingly protect it from drops.

It also has a ring which you can attach instead of the band for a slightly different feel. It’s quite tough to concisely describe.

3. Gravastar Speaker

Gravastar Speaker - Smartphone Gadgets You Never Know Existed

It’s a one hand Bluetooth speaker whilst being a centerpiece for your room and at the same time a collapsible robot.

There’s a lot going on here but my first impression is just that it’s really high quality and also really heavy. To be honest, I’ve never seen a speaker that looks like this.

When you turn the lighting on you’ll realize they’ve packed LEDs into pretty much every corner. They have legs at the bottom which fold in and fold out.

As a speaker, it sounds good as compared to the size of it. It’s got a 20 watt power, so not the loudest, not the most powerful speaker but it’s little visual flourishes.

4. Voxos

voxos - Smartphone Gadgets You Never Know Existed

Voxos is a pair of sunglasses with bone conduction technology.

So on the surface they look like a pretty standard pair of sunglasses which are slightly thicker with a matte black finish on the frames and cool coloring of the lenses.

You might have seen a few audio products already with that bone conduction label .The idea being that the sound reaches you through physical contact so at the pads on frame handles connect directly to your head and you hear the sound through the bones in your skull which leaves your ears open to hearing other.

5. Crack Light

Crack light is a LED light which is USB based. It is very slim but at the same time seriously powerful LED lamp and it has a continuous lighting. So, it’s a great thing for photographers and videographers.

It doesn’t require a battery of its own, you just need to plug into your phone or powerbank or laptop.

Screen Cleaning Pad

Screen Cleaning Pad is a high quality leatherette finish on one side with a handle for your hand. It’s a really plush felt like finish on the inside does a really good job.

It’s comfortable to use and you can reuse these for quite a long time.

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