Complete SEO Checklist For 2021

SEO Checklist for 2021

SEO Checklist for 2021

If you want to get information about the search engine optimization checklist, then you have landed in the right place. Search engine optimization is not an easy job. If you want to win the search engine’s trust and the local audience, you have to focus on completing the checklist before finalizing it for indexing.

The best way is to print the checklist to check the boxes while analyzing different aspects of the website. You can go for manual SEO checking, and you can also use the modern website SEO score checker tool like
First, we would like you to go through the different checks and tools to help you with SEO analysis. Later on, you can also find the details of the hot SEO checker tools!

SEO Checklist (Important metrics that you need to check)

There are hundreds of metrics and different factors considered by the search engines when it comes to indexing and ranking your website, and all of them have their importance and value. This section will tell you about the most important metrics and SEO checklist that you have to consider religiously. There are some metrics that you can ignore in SEO but not the ones that we have listed below:

1. Plagiarism Check

Plagiarism checking of content is a very important part of the SEO checklist. If your content has been duplicated from another source or stolen from you, you must know that you can get into serious trouble and face a lot of Google penalties. Making a plagiarism check would help you authenticate whether the text you have created is original and can bring value to the site!

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2. Image check

The majority of the web people copy images from different sources and use them on their profiles and blogs. Image plagiarism can cost you adversely, so we would suggest you always monitor and check your images for whether they are being used by anyone else on the web. Reverse search tools can help you in this regard.

3. Backlink check

The quality of backlinks matters a lot, and there shall be no doubt about it. Backlinks can bring you tons of traffic and increase your credibility, but only if they are relevant to the content you are working on and have a higher authority than yours. You can use the modern backlink checker tools to find out the links pointing towards you and the value they are bringing to your website. Broken links can be bad for search engine optimization; checking your links and their quality can help you avoid any loss of traffic and increase bounce rate!

4. Page speed check

Today people have a short attention span & have close to zero patience. One should know that if your page loading speed is more than three seconds, you will lose more than 70% of potential traffic. You must understand that your page loading speed should be checked regularly and should be well optimized. The ideal loading speed is two seconds so make sure you are striving for it. There are many page loading speed tester tools that can help you in this regard!

5. Keyword check

When creating content for your website, you might have used keywords to target the audience and help the search engine crawl on your site. Here you must know that the keywords are ranked on the search engines according to their search density. If the search densities of the keywords you have used are low, your website will not be ranked on the top SERPs. So making a keyword rank check is important to find out the position of the words and phrases you have used against a certain search engine and location!

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6. Quality check

Quality check of the content and the overall website is very important if you want to create a win-win SEO situation. The content quality and theme are important to check because they can affect the website’s ability to index the search engine. You can use different online tools like the grammar checker and spell checkers to find any mistakes in the content you are about to publish. This check is also very important.

7. Security check

In the SEO checking list, the security aspect is very important. If your site is not registered with a security certificate, it can cause a lot of trouble for you as people today are most concerned about their privacy. You always have to ensure that your site is secure for common users!

Concluding Remarks!

You must know that if you want to check all of the lists and check SEO ranking, you need to check website SEO with a reliable tool. The check SEO sore by is a popular choice as it can make a complete SEO analysis and provide you the results for SEO score. The check SEO tool by this website would check all the site’s major metrics and suggest potential & possible improvements!

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