How Talkspace Is Changing the Conversation on Treating PTSD

How Talkspace Is Changing the Conversation on Treating PTSD

Stress and trauma are part and parcel of the human experience. That being said, how we render and deal with these adversities can define and decide how we react moving forward. In times of stress and pain, particularly after a traumatic episode, individuals may experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a mental health condition that is the result of a traumatic event. Individuals who have found themselves traumatized may feel like they have few answers and even fewer directions on how to cope and heal healthily. Thanks to advancements in technology as well as understanding concerning mental health, companies like the remote teletherapy application Talkspace are coming to fruition.

CPT Therapy for Treating PTSD

If an individual is struggling with PTSD symptoms, finding professional mental health should become a priority. While PTSD can be a debilitating disorder, it does not have to be one that takes hope away from the future. Through work with a registered and licensed mental health professional, individuals can use applications like Talkspace to engage in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) from the comfort of their home.

Cognitive Processing Therapy is a form of therapy based on evidence and defined by its treatment of PTSD symptoms. Ideal for helping individuals recover from traumatic events, CPT therapy puts a focus on how an individual responds to their traumas while attempting to reroute those very responses. As we understand now, a traumatic event can fundamentally rewire the human brain to change the way that an individual thinks, acts, and chooses to behave.

Engaging in Cognitive Processing Therapy will typically require a commitment of at least 12 sessions. These sessions typically begin with a detailed dive through PTSD, its symptoms, and the role that CPT therapy can play in the process. As treatment sessions progress, individuals enrolled in CPT therapy will find that they dig deeper into their thought processes to properly understand them. Eventually, cognitive processing therapy will lead to an understanding of how to truly focus and understand safety, trust, intimacy, power, control, and self-esteem.

Living a full and complete life with PTSD can be a challenge in the best of times. For generations, discussions surrounding PTSD were few and far between. Now, thankfully, mental health is on the rise when it comes to importance. It is possible to find a route to a better future and a healthier mindset. One of the most important things to remember when dealing with PTSD is that you are not alone and you don’t have to go without help.

One of the biggest hurdles for most individuals, when it comes time to treat PTSD, is their discomfort with attending therapy. Remote therapeutic solutions that operate based on comfort and convenience are rapidly changing how people approach their therapeutic solutions. Talkspace was designed as an online therapy company founded by Roni and Oren Frank in 2012. The goal of the company is to offer professional support at all times to those who need it through a safe, secure, and effective treatment platform.

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