A Guide to Chovy’s Signature Champions

Getting to grips with League of Legends is straightforward enough. However, a truly great player needs to be able to use one of many different champions. While basic mechanics are relatively simple, each champion requires a deft touch if you want to be successful. Esports professionals tend to have a few go-to champions they play with regularly. Chovy, of Gen.G Esports fame, has more than most.

When playing in the SoloQ, Chovy’s picks tend to be a little more diverse. He tends to opt for melee assassins to run circles around his opponents. When playing alongside his Gen.G teammates, his picks are a little more predictable. Below, we’ll highlight six of Chovy’s signature champions.


Zoe has been one of Chovy’s signature picks for a while now. Although she’s a popular choice with beginners, this agile mage can be a devastating addition to any LoL lineup in the right hands. Her long-ranged abilities make her a relatively safe choice, but this serves those playing in the mid lane well. What’s more, her burst abilities mean she can unleash one-shot kills on the enemy.


While many players tend to pick Akali for the top lane, the Rogue Assassin can also do well in the mid lane. Compared to other champions, Akali is rather overpowered, making her a devastating enemy for less experienced players. Agile and boasting a lethal raft of abilities, she can hold her own without needing support from teammates. 


Orianna is one of the more versatile champions in League of Legends. She’s also a firm favorite with mid laners. Although she’s not the most mobile of picks, this doesn’t really matter if you’re playing in the mid lane. She’s also fairly powerful with familiar mechanics, making her a safe choice if your usual pick has been banned. 


Galio is another of Chovy’s preferred champions. In fact, this champion is a popular choice with many on the professional scene. As with Orianna, he’s a versatile pick and makes a welcome addition to any LoL lineup. With several powerful attack abilities, not to mention shield abilities that can be used to protect fellow players, he’s an obvious choice. 


Cassiopeia is arguably one of the most powerful champions in the current LoL roster. With incredibly high damage stats, she can put an end to enemies quickly. She’s also versatile, serving as well as both an assassin and mage. This makes her an effective choice for the mid lane. While you’ll have no trouble going toe to toe with the enemy, your key focus should be farming during the early stages of the game. 


More recently, Chovy has been selecting Corki more and more. He’s not particularly impressive during the early game, but this champion scales well. Once you’ve bolstered your inventory, you can start deploying one-shot kills to enemies. He’s also relatively beginner-friendly, making him a great idea if you’re still learning the ropes. 

Looking to see which champion Chovy is currently playing with? Find out everything you need to know by checking out the Chovy player profile here.

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