6 Top Phone Apps for Your Next Backpacking Venture

best hiking apps

The advent of the internet has changed the way we used to live. With the recent invention of smartphones, this change seems more evident than ever before. We also have connected TVs now and emerging and new technologies make our lives more efficient. Thanks to these technological advancements and inventions, you can make your hiking trip or a backpacking venture all the more memorable and worthwhile.

With a smartphone connected to the internet, you can not only take care of your wellbeing but also navigate with ease and comfort on foreign lands. Make sure to subscribe to a mobile internet plan like Spectrum mobile plans so that you can stay connected to the internet at all times. This is necessary because all the applications need a good internet connection to function. Let’s read about some of the best apps that you can use on your backpacking venture to have a memorable trip.

Best Hiking Apps

best hiking apps

Best Hiking Apps


Polarsteps is a great app that allows travelers to maintain an accurate record of their trip. This application is an automatic journey tracker that will track your entire journey without you worrying about it. All you have to do is connect the application to the internet and enable your device’s location tracking. Once done the application will keep on tracking your route over land, air, sea, or over mountains. Furthermore, the application also provides an interactive map that will make you keep a record of your journey.

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A very good feature of the application is that all the photos that you take at any particular location will be saved to your traveler profile. This photo will also contain details of the place where you take it. So, in the long run, you can look back at these pictures and relive the memories from your hiking trip.

Hiking Project

The Hiking Project is a great application that acts as a hiking guide book even if you’re hiking alone or with a team. The application comes in very handy as it will keep you on the route to your destination. If you start going towards the wrong route, the application will give you a notification and ask you to correct your position. The application comes with GPS tracking capabilities and keeps an eye on your exact location. The interactive features include elevation details. This means that you can be well aware of your height from sea level at times. The app also keeps sharing photos of the place where you are in real-time.


Seek is a great application if you have an interest in plants and animals. With the recognition technology, the application can tell you what sort of a plant or animal you are encountering on your way to your destination. Turn on your phone’s camera to allow the application to do the rest. The app will look at the target plant or animal and identify it. Millions of people use the application worldwide to identify the diverse flora and fauna anywhere on the go.

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PeakVisor is a great application if you’re planning for a hike across the mountains. The application provides 3D maps and if your camera is turned on then you can identify any peak in your surroundings. It also provides the correct elevation of the peaks so you can select one based on their height and difficulty for hiking. The application can even scan and tell you the name of the peak if you upload an old image of the peak in the app.


Chances are that you’re traveling to a place but you do not understand the language that the native people in that place speak. Don’t worry because Detour will help you solve this problem. The application comes with an immersive walkthrough of the historical sites, monuments, and more of the place you’re traveling in. The app also comes with tracking options.

Gaia GPS

Gaia application works for all hiking and camping route planning needs. It will tell you about all the possible routes on the map you can take to reach your desired destination. Make sure to choose the best route for all your hunting, camping, skiing, mountaineering, and biking ambitions.

These are apps that will definitely take your backpacking venture to the next level. Make sure to remain connected to a reliable internet connection so that all your apps keep on working in the background! Have fun as you traverse your favorite destination!

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