5 critical selling skills to scale your sales team

5 critical selling skills to scale your SALES TEAM

Do you know when’s the right time to scale your sales team? The right time to scale your sales team is when you’re surpassing your revenue goals and it’s becoming hard to keep up with the demand. To meet the current market needs, you have to launch new product lines, open new divisions, and come up with new ideas to gather those leads. That’s the perfect time to scale your sales team. Though it can be a fun and exciting task, it can be equally challenging as well. You’ll have to make sure that you’re scaling at the right time and investing your time, money in the right process and technology. You will also need to ensure that each team is following a similar process and is in the right direction with winning sales goals to increase sales. All of these can be daunting but you would be able to lift that burden of stress by following the right process, tools to help you remain optimistic, strategize, prioritize and be consistent with your work. 

Let’s take a look at the five most important skills that you need to scale your sales team.

5 critical selling skills to scale your sales team

Create a clear, repeatable sales process

Creating an easy, repeatable, and informative sales process is the most important thing to do before hiring any new team members. 

If you don’t have any sales process created before, now is the time to do so. Without having a process in hand, it can be difficult to measure and track your progress. 

You need a solid process with accurate data to make informed business decisions. Without it, you’re just making guesses that might not prove helpful in the long run. 

You have to create a simple, structured, and repeatable process that can help understand your team members what they need to do to meet their sales goals. 

In your sales process, you should include:

  • Different stages in your pipeline
  • A clearly defined lead qualification criteria that go with your pipeline stages
  • The important KPIs 
  • List of activities that your sales team should do at each stage of the pipeline

As you build your sales process, you also have to figure out how you will train, teach and measure the success of your sales team.

Remove distraction by doing activity-based selling

Creating a scalable sales process allows the new team members to focus on the activities that need to be completed during the sales cycle to create the desired performance. 

The number factor is not something that can be controlled, instead, you should focus on improving your performance and actions that can affect the result. 

You should focus on optimizing your sales process and adjust the flow of activities that needs to be done to create better results.

Keep optimizing your workflow based on regular forecasting and tracking

5 critical selling skills to scale your sales team

It’s easy to check the performance of everyone regularly when you’re working in a small team. But it’s a tough job to check on everyone when you’re working in a large team. However, even in a small team, employees don’t tell their problems or lie that they are doing good. That’s where checking in with data comes in handy. It doesn’t matter if you have a big team or a small one, tracking your sales team’s performance and talking through numbers lets you identify any problem that they have. You can solve those problems, and scale your sales team efficiently. By using a CRM, you can ask your team members to log in to their daily activities which makes it easy for you to track everyone’s performance.

Make data-based decisions to scale up your team

When you build a sales process and figure out the simple key performance indicators for your sales team, you can use that information to accurately identify the latest trends and make data-based decisions using artificial intelligence for sales to get ideas on what are the best ways to scale your business. You can use any sales forecasting tools to help you accurately predict those revenue goals. 

Use sales insights to make important decisions

5 critical selling skills to scale your sales team

Just making important business decisions based on your gut is a huge risk that leaves you vulnerable. To make better business decisions you should rely on data and draw insights from it to make better business decisions. Using a sales forecasting tool can help you to gather insights from the collected data which in turn helps you to make better decisions.


The process of scaling a sales team can be a daunting and difficult job. But if you do it right, the process can become smooth-sailing in no time. The tips and strategies we mentioned above are surely important and valuable but whatever decision you make depends on what suits you the best. As every product and company is different. But you can use this article to map out a process that needs to be done before, after, and during the scaling process, and that too at the right pace. 

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