Effective Methods to Boost Your Instagram Account

Getting Instagram followers that are real and interested in what you do is getting more complicated every day. Instagram is like the Big Apple… It never sleeps!

Effective Methods to Boost Your Instagram Account

If you’re here, I imagine we have something in common, which is the desire to be able to work and travel from anywhere in the world, right?

Well, let me tell you something. You don’t need 15,000 or 50,000 followers to start monetizing your account. The key is not the number of followers you have, but the quality of them. Getting real followers on Instagram or even buying followers is no longer enough to monetize your account.

Why? It’s no use having a lot of followers on Instagram if they aren’t real and especially if they don’t show a real interest in what you share. As I always tell my students: “Better to have a few but quality followers than to have many ghosts.” Even, free Instagram followers are better than fake and paid Instagram followers.

So if you want to change your life and get out of your comfort zone, stay until the end of this post, because I’ll give you the push and tricks you need to get quality followers. Instagram is not a simple app, but a social network that has incredible power and that has allowed millions of people to connect … and change their lives.

What is different on other social networks (eg Facebook or YouTube) is that engagement on Instagram is brutal and this translates into a showcase full of possibilities available to millions of users. 

Anyway, it’s time for us to show you some strategies that can help you boost your Instagram account. Let’s go right now.

Get Real Followers on Instagram Using Hashtags

If you thought that hashtags no longer work on Instagram, you’re wrong. This means that while you sleep or do other things, hashtags do the job of attracting new users to you. 

I have earned more than 10,000 followers with an account that has less than 3,000 followers. And I got that all in less than 6 months. Most of the hit accounts are not my followers. That’s why I love hashtags because they allow you to increase your number of followers on Instagram without using dirty techniques or cheating that will later damage your account. But for them to work, you need to understand well how to locate and select them for your business.

Schedule Posts

One of the fundamental pillars to gain followers on Instagram is to be constant. Remember that Instagram seeks to have engaged and active users. So if you stop publishing or using the app, it will affect you in the long run. I know you have a thousand things and believe me, me too.

Between my blog, Facebook groups, students, consultants, and account management, there are times I forget to post on Instagram. As on the blog, it is important to have a closed editorial calendar, on Instagram, it is also important. In fact, it’s a good idea to have the content you want to publish prepared in advance and schedule it. To do this, there are different apps that can help you.

Accomplice and Network With Influencers 

Well, do you know how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? The easiest way, in our opinion, is to partner with influencers. 

Systems administration and cross advancing your substance is something incredible. Building a solid organization of powerhouses who are in a similar industry as you are is one of the most natural approaches to set up an after. Why? Since the force to be reckoned with’s crowd, without a doubt, has comparative interests as your supporters (and future adherents) do. 

Regardless of whether you’re a brand or a trying force to be reckoned with, systems administration won’t ever treat you terribly. To begin the systems administration measure, search around for Facebook Groups, meetups, and LinkedIn Groups for powerhouses in your specialty.

Add Captions to Your Pics

Although Instagram is mostly used for photos and videos, adding captions to your pictures is a wonderful way to add a little more fun and personality to them. With the proper wording, even a sad selfie may become amusing.

And one strategy to stand out on Instagram is to have a humorous personality. Using a description also prevents your postings from looking like a photo with a bunch of hashtags dangling off the bottom: not a good look, even if you just spent £4.50 on a red carpet look.

Tag People in the Same Corner

Tagging relevant individuals and companies is another effective method to enhance your visibility. This will improve your visibility, which will boost your exposure. However, you don’t want to overuse tags in your posts or articles because it would appear spammy. You can get around this by stacking tags in a corner one on top of the other. The tags will appear more cleaner and more organized as a result of this.

Use Followers Gallery

Followers Gallery is an Instagram auto liker without login. This is an app that basically makes it easy for us to follow and like each other (with fellow app users). I was surprised because the followers and likes I got were really beyond what I expected. It is a free application and because it is without login, it is also very secure because it does not allow anyone to break into the Instagram accounts of its users. 

Followers Gallery is available for Android, and iOS, so it’s very flexible. If you are concerned about a potential virus or malware attack, I can assure you that this application is virus-free. This app is also completely free because you don’t have to pay a dime to get real Instagram followers and likes. And one more thing, with this application you will find out some very interesting tricks.


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