Top 25 PutLocker Proxy Sites List [100% Working]


It is a known fact that putlocker is one of the best video streaming websites for a long time now. Most of the people prefer to use the site because they end up having premium movies for free of cost. It is highly recommended for users to know and understand various elements of the website before starting to use.

Some governments have restricted the website because it offers copyright contents for free of cost. It is easier to check out an alternative way like proxies because it avoids trace to the maximum extent.

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What are the different methods to access Putlocker


VPN or Virtual Private Network is majorly used in order to protect any kind of data breach from time to time. Most of the companies provide unlimited access to websites across the world because of obvious reasons.

Tor Browser

Tor is one of the popular browsers in the current market because it protects users data in an effective way. It is easier for people to access putlocker sites with the help of Tor browser on a regular basis.

Web Proxy

Web Proxy is a traditional way of protecting user and browser information from the Internet service provider or from IT. Web Proxies still exist and it is easy to access the website by removing the restriction carefully from the menu.

List of Putlocker Proxy Website:

It is evident that a site like putlocker does not go down all of a sudden. The admins of the portal have released a set of putlocker proxy addresses, which can be used to view the content. Most of the current day users are known to have gone through such instances before and figured out a way to find the alternative site or a page in an effective way.

The proxy website offers a good and similar interface, which lets the user access information in a quick time. Putlocker proxy site list of URLs gives easy access for people to access Putlocker without using VPN options or proxy settings.

Proxy websites have gained a lot of attention especially after closing putlocker in few countries. It is evident that every individual prefers watching movies online rather than downloading because it helps him or her to save plenty of time and data. Putlocker provides the comfort of searching for their favourite movies or TV series to enjoy in an easy way.

There are plenty of proxy URLs available and it is necessary to explore every URL to find the accurate one. It is necessary to use any proxy URL in restricted countries because they are better than using expensive VPN options.

Putlocker looks like it’s down for a long time now, but it is actually restricted by the government for various reasons. it is necessary to find alternative ways if you really want to access the movie streaming portal on the computer. There are multiple proxies available on the internet, which helps you find the proper link to access the site. Proxy links are generated by Putlocker admins because it is required to access through an alternative source in some regions.

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Is Putlocker Shut Down or Closed?

Putlocker is not exactly shutdown or closed because the operations are going on in a perfect way. Putlocker received a lot of negative feedback among governments, which lead them to close to restrict accessing the site. Most of the countries do have access still, but they will be removed based on the necessity.

It is possible to access the site from certain countries, which means that they are not completely blocked from the root of the source. Putlocker has a huge amount of audience visiting from various parts of the world and it is evident that the site is still having access to a lot of people.

PutLocker is a popular platform or a video streaming site, which provides premium movie and TV show content for free. Putlocker is not accessible to people in various countries across the world because of various reasons. There are plenty of proxies provided by putlocker in order to access the site from an alternative source. It is essential for users to check for the right set of links in the online community because it helps in finding the accurate links without compromising on the speed.

It is essential for users to find the maximum number of options while looking for movie streaming websites. It is evident that most of the current generation youth prefer exploring movies and other entertainment content from different countries. Only a set of reputed video streaming sites provides an option to watch movies and TV series from different countries.

Movie streaming sites are available in plenty and it is important to look for the right place to watch without hassles.Putlocker is a famous movie streaming site, which lets users watch the content for free of cost. As most of the contents are available at high quality, it is easy for people to watch under the same roof.

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It is a fact that every individual prefers using quality sources to watch movies and listen to music. It is important to explore various factors in proxy links because it helps in finding the right source to watch uninterrupted movies. Putlocker is one of the popular and effective sites, which used to offer premium content for free of cost. The site is restricted in some countries, which can be removed with the help of proxy settings and VPN options.

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