How To Run GTA V On Android

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Gaming is a drug for someone who’s childhood has been spent well in playing them. But, the evolution has changed massively and new genres and games are being released continuously without any break. With the increase in the gaming community’s population, the rates of textures and details are also being upgraded to the best and top notch.

But, high textures requires high rendering power and that is attained by a high-end system with powerful graphics and sufficient memory. However, not everyone is able to buy such high-end systems just for gaming. To help them in experiencing the latest games, many cloud gaming services are available for free on the internet. One can sign up for such service and take benefit of that.

Cloud gaming is defined as the streaming of a game on a cloud server. The user chooses a cloud server of his own will and then controls the game running on the server with a remote device. This requires a high-speed internet connection and any device that supports streaming. There are a lot of benefits to cloud gaming services.

Cloud service increases the portability of games. You can play games almost anywhere provided you have a streaming device and high-speed internet connection. Reduction in costs is the main benefit that a user enjoys while gaming via the cloud. They do not have to pay for all the hardware and rig.

A cloud server provides with specs that one wants. With cloud’s security, you will not have the risk of losing your data or any other kind of security-related problem. According to some studies, cloud gaming is the future of traditional gaming as the consoles are dying and will be out of fashion in a couple of time.

GTA 5 apk is one of the games that require a high-end system to run. But, eventually one can use cloud gaming to play GTA V on their android device.

Step by step guide to play GTA V on Android

Here is a step by step guide to help you in playing Grand theft auto V without any problem in your android device.

In this tutorial, we will be using Liquid Sky to stream GTA V on your android device efficiently. The liquid Sky is a cloud gaming platform that lets a user stream a cloud system on a remote device.

1. Go To the website of Liquid Sky and sign up for the beta programme there.

2. Head over to your smartphone’s play store and download Liquid Sky’s official Application.

3. Login into the application and gain access to any cloud system.

4. Open Steam on the device and login to your steam account.

5. Search for GTA V and then click on Get Game to start the download process.

6. After downloading, click on Play to play the game.

7. The app will ask you for your specs, we recommend you choosing Ultra for maximum performance.

Note: You will not be able to play GTA V on your android device if you don’t have it already purchased in your Steam account.